Moonstone: See Its Meaning, Powers And How To Use It

Moonstone: See Its Meaning, Powers And How To Use It

The mystical world is known for its diverse rituals that seek to promote a greater sense of well-being. Among the various “ingredients” used in their activities, those that are natural and can be easily found in nature have a prominent role. This is the case, for example, with the moonstone.

Known for emanating maternal energy related to feminine power, this stone can purify and harmonize not only an environment but also individuals. Thus, it eliminates all its negative vibrations, turning them into positive ones.

Another factor why the moonstone has become very popular is its appearance. This crystal is stunning and can be found in three colors: white, yellow, and transparent.

If you are looking for more excellent emotional balance in your life, the moonstone can undoubtedly help you with this task. For this to be possible, however, you must know a lot about this accessory so that you can use it in the best possible way. But do not worry! The Virtual Horoscope has created a guide that will help you ideally. Check it out right now!

The history of the moonstone

With Australian and Indian origins, the moonstone has always been seen as a lucky charm. In ancient communities, it was carried by all those who sought not only a partner to form a family but also to protect themselves from diseases. In this scenario, many cultures even used crystal as an ingredient to prepare teas.

Because it represents the Moon, it also has a connection with women’s fertility. Therefore, those who try to get pregnant often resort to the energies emitted by this crystal.

To have an idea of the importance of this stone for ancient people could not commercialize it! Considered sacred, she passed from one person to another through gifts, especially between couples in love who sought to proclaim their love.

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Meaning of the moonstone

As mentioned above, the moonstone symbolizes feminine strength. So its meaning can be related to the power of women. However, make no mistake: men can also benefit from all the elements of this crystal! However, it acts differently, depending on the person’s gender.

Among women, they become calmer by acquiring a greater sense of self-knowledge. Among men, the stone can help them connect with a more sentimental side to eliminate machismo and aggression. In general, the moonstone seeks to bring peace, harmony, and love to all individuals!

Its meaning, therefore, is quite self-explanatory, according to its name. Unlike other mystical crystals, there is no more significant explanation for its vocabulary other than the fact that it resembles, in fact, the bright and stunning appearance of the Moon.

The benefits of moonstone

The balance of energies and a greater sense of well-being are the two main benefits provided by the moonstone. However, this does not mean that this crystal is not capable of bringing even more advantages. We have separated here an impressive list for you. Look:

  • Better functioning of the digestive system, which helps with weight loss, for example;
  • Control of our intense feelings, making decision making easier;
  • Reduction of menstrual problems, which includes not only cramps but also other physical and psychological symptoms;
  • Increased people’s creativity, connecting them to an artistic side;

How to use the moonstone?

When we see the list of benefits mentioned above, we are very excited and ready to use the moonstone. However, for you to realize all these advantages, you must use the crystal correctly.

Depending on what you seek to achieve when using the moonstone, the technique for obtaining that benefit changes. So it is essential to stay tuned and do some research. There are three most popular ways, and we will explain everything about them to you!

Many people like to use the moonstone while meditating, so it has become their most popular use. Every day, this use makes it easier to get into that trance that leaves us very relaxed. Also, the crystal can be placed over any chakra, being more suitable for the sixth and seventh.

Second, if you are looking to stimulate your energy, it is possible to use the crystal as an accessory. The moonstone necklace, for example, has become extremely popular, and you can find other jewelry made with this feature, such as rings and earrings.

Still following the energy stimulus, you also have the option of using the stone in a bath. If you have a bathtub, it is interesting to leave the stone immersed while enjoying this moment of relaxation. If you only have a shower, you can leave the stone in a basin full of water and then use the liquid in a bath!

Finally, we come to its third use, which seeks to provide a peaceful and pleasant night’s sleep while stimulating your fertility. In that case, try placing the moonstone under your pillow!

Moonstone and the signs

Some people identify with and benefit more from some types of stones, usually because of their signs. The Zodiac, after all, has a lot of connection with the mystic, so that connection can happen more quickly because of several factors, and the horoscope is included.

The moonstone, for example, facilitates emotional stability. The Cancerian, because they are compassionate, need this kind of connection to avoid some problems. That is why this crystal is of great benefit to them.

Besides, this sign can also benefit from greater concentration and sensuality through the moonstone! How about experimenting?

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