Mercury In Gemini - Astrology and Communication

Mercury In Gemini - Astrology and Communication

Did you make your birth chart recently and found out that, among other things, you have Mercury in Gemini, but you have no idea what that means? Calm down, I promise that by reading this article you will understand what characteristics this positioning indicates in your personality.

First of all, it is worth saying that Mercury is, astrologically, the planet of communication. In the zodiac, Mercury indicates how each sign can influence aspects of reasoning and communication skills. It also shows what types of concerns may exist in your mind and how the creative processes of your type of intelligence work. It is the planet that demonstrates how your thinking reacts to the most different stimuli and situations and how you are able to transmit your thoughts and ideas to other people.

Mercury  is, astrologically, the planet of communication. Gemini , in turn, is the most talkative and communicative sign of the zodiac.

Gemini , in turn, is the most talkative and communicative sign of the zodiac. So imagine what it means to have Mercury in Gemini. Exactly this: a person who is completely eloquent, communicative and with a deep thirst for knowledge. People who have Mercury in Gemini tend to be extremely curious and need to be constantly learning. They are people who will probably never finish school, but because they will amend one course in the other. They even tend to have a natural facility for learning anything, but especially when it comes to different languages.

The only problem is that this thirst for discovering new things can make a person quickly lose interest in one thing because he has already become passionately interested in another. The fact that you want to know so much can make a person shallow and who knows a little bit of everything, but is not able to go into anything. This is the main challenge for those with Mercury in Gemini. Being someone with an easy learning experience must be worked together with this dispersion tendency, otherwise the benefit can become a negative characteristic.

Other strong characteristics and qualities are that people who have Mercury in Gemini tend to get away from any kind of prejudice and judgment, as they value facts more than gossip or preferences and conventions.

Education is also a strength of these people. On the other hand, they are people who can feel irritated in environments with many stimuli, as they tend to react very easily to all of them, which makes periods of rest and withdrawal something essential.

If you have Mercury in Gemini, work that aspect in your favor. Use your power of eloquence and do everything in your power to work your focus and your ability to finish the projects you started.

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