How To Meditate In The Bath Or Shower? Try These 5 Steps To Practice

How To Meditate In The Bath Or Shower? Try These 5 Steps To Practice

This March I am putting into practice a new Meditation exercise integrated into my day: Meditation in the shower , and although I have failed a few days, I have begun to notice the benefits it brings to my mind and my health.

The shower is the perfect place to practice Meditation. I shower every day, and more at least at the same time every day, which is a good trigger to not forget about this new habit . Instead of taking an automated shower or taking my boss, the bank manager, and a bunch of other people in the shower with me, I’ve turned a simple shower into a special time of the day.

Practicing Meditation in the shower has made my day find a moment for a parenthesis and to disconnect from my problems and my thousands of thoughts. It is a relaxing time for me, without having to go to a Spa for it. It is my moment.

If for us showering is part of our routine and we do it in automatic mode, it is normal for our mind to wander looking for more interesting things to think about that do not really exist. The challenge is not to let those thoughts invade us , and make the shower moment something important, to enjoy it and enrich ourselves with it.

I tell you how I do this little Meditation ritual in the shower.

5 steps to practice Meditation in the shower

Step 1: Accept yourself and admire your body

Undress in front of the mirror and admire your body. Accept it as it is, without judgment or criticism. Love yourself as you are.

Step 2. Leave your thoughts out of the shower

From the moment you turn on the tap, regulate the temperature and enter the shower, focus on what you feel, and let your thoughts pass. Little by little they will disappear. If during the shower you find that you have hooked on a thought and it has taken you away from the experience of showering, kindly return to your sensations and continue to feel them.

Step 3. Focus on the sensations

Enjoy the sensations. Feel how the water falls on your head and slides down your back, your chest, your legs ... Immerse yourself in the scents of your gel or shampoo. Grab your body wash and lather up slowly with it, enjoying its soft, soapy texture. Notice how your skin is cleansing itself, eliminating toxins and leaving your skin soft and radiant. Massage your hair gently, noticing your soft wet hair between your fingers, enjoy the pleasant sensation of rubbing your scalp, behind your ears, your forehead ... Rinse with plenty of water, feeling how the foam on your skin drags, as they go toxins, bad thoughts, problems, and they are drawn down the drain, disappearing forever.

Step 4. Be grateful

When you finish, if you feel like it, thank the shower, for having been there, for being able to have running water, because that water is warm or hot, for having soap to clean your body and hair. Thank you for being there, for feeling, for enjoying that moment.

Step 5. Take care of yourself when you get out of the shower

Get out of the shower slowly, paying attention to the contact of your feet with your mat. Dry your body and hair gently, feeling the warm contact of the towel. Moisturize your skin, feeling the smell of the moisturizer you use, the smooth texture when sliding the cream over each part of your body. Try not to have thoughts right now either. If any show up, kindly let them go.

And now you can get dressed and continue with your routine. I warn that at first it is not easy, especially if you are a very mental person like me. Anyway,  don’t judge yourself if you don’t do it perfect , just do the best you can. This Meditation exercise in the shower can be a good opportunity to integrate meditation into your day-to-day life.

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