Dream of Shadows - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

The interpretation of dreaming about shadows is far from what they could really symbolize in real life in our day to day lives, shadows could be understood etymologically as protection or symbol of relief. The meaning of this dream can change completely when these shadows chase you and the dream becomes a real nightmare, it is very important to know in what context of the dream we find ourselves and the actions that occur in it.

Do you want to learn the etymology of shadow dreams? Have you recently seen shadows in your dreams? Are shadows chasing you in your dream and you don’t know their meaning?

What is the meaning of dreaming about shadows?

This dream is somewhat disturbing and indicates that your dark side is coming to light little by little, this can be associated with a difficult stage in your life or an uncomfortable situation that you are currently facing. Have you noticed strong changes in your personality? Have you become a very selfish person?

If you feel identified with some aspects of those described above, you should reflect on your current situation and allow yourself to be helped by your closest friends or family.

Another interpretation is telling us that your way of acting is being stealthy and at all times you are trying to hide from everyone else, if you find yourself in this situation you must understand that to get out of this bad moment you must be honest with yourself and with your friends or colleagues more close.

Do not take all the interpretations at face value, they can lead you to very great points of confusion and you should always see the dream subjectively. Remember that it is very important to analyze the context and the situation you are currently going through in your personal or work life.

Meaning of dreaming of black shadows that chase you

Dreaming of shadows chasing me, this indicates that at all times you are responsible for all the actions you do and you must carry with the consequences that they entail. Are you not leading a happy life? Do you think about it a lot? Count on your friends or close family members to talk about these aspects or actions that concern you and try to vent by telling your darkest secrets to people you trust.

As we have previously indicated, dreaming of shadows also means deception or lies, formerly shadows were considered lies or deceptions that could be easily manipulated with our own hands or objects.

Be very careful with your circles and do not put all your trust in the people around you, you probably find yourself surrounded by hypocritical and lying people who only seek to take advantage of you. You see very carefully, they can speak lies to try to sink you emotionally.

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