Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Cutting Your Hair in a Dream

It is a very particular dream and normally dreaming of cutting your hair is common when we are close to a special date (it could be a communion, a baptism, or a wedding of family or close friends where we are going to attend). This curious dream can also be found in those people who have alopecia problems or problems of oil and dandruff on their scalp, in lesser or greater quantity.

If we only dream about this type of dream once, we should not make it more important, when it is repeated several times you should pay a little more attention and study its meaning more thoroughly.

What does it mean to dream of cutting your hair?

Many experts think that dreaming of cutting hair means that our mind is crying out for an aesthetic change, although it does not always have to do with the hair itself.

It may be that we are looking for a way to partially hide our complexes.

Meaning of dreaming that we cut our hair

If we dream that we cut our hair to zero, it is usually associated that we have negative thoughts that are eating us inside. We may want to say something to someone, but we don’t dare (for example, declare our feelings to someone). Let’s say it’s a kind of cry from our subconscious for us to summon up the courage to say what we want.

What does it mean to dream that we go to the hairdresser?

If we dream that we go to the hairdresser and they give us a horrendous hairstyle , it may be that in the last few days we have faced bad news that makes us feel weak and vulnerable. Maybe you have a complete with different aspects of your image.

If you dream that you have cut your hair and it has been perfect , it is a good omen, since you feel complete with yourself, and your energy will be revitalized so that it is easier for you to overcome all adversities.

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