Characteristics Of The Planet Mars In Each Sign Of The Zodiac

Characteristics Of The Planet Mars In Each Sign Of The Zodiac

The planet Mars on the Astral Map tells us how we spend energy. So it is linked to male impulse, action, and energy. This energy can be perceived more in conflicts and in sex, but also in all the daily acts in which we need to spend energy and have an impulse, take action. Check out some essential characteristics of the planet Mars in each sign of the Zodiac:

Mars in Aries

The word that most characterizes this energetic combination is “courage”. People with this combination on the map act on standby and can even seem a little aggressive at times. The only care they should take is not to act too much without thinking to avoid unnecessary fights.

Mars in Taurus

Spending hours working without exhausting is a typical characteristic of those who have Mars in Taurus on the Astral Map. People like that have a facility to spend energy for hours, without haste or rush. It is the famous “slowly and always.”

Mars in Gemini

Spending energy on several things at the same time is typical of the combination of Mars in Gemini. In addition to the ease of dealing with diversity, they also communicate very well and naturally.

Mars in Cancer

People with Mars in Cancer on the Astral Chart always spend energy with a lot of emotion involved in the act. Because of this trait, he can care for others and make people around him feel emotionally sound.

Mars in Leo

It is an energetic combination that makes a person spend energy without fear of exposure. People with this combination on the map like to be recognized for their actions and want to leave a lasting impression on everything they do.

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo represents well people who spend energy in a methodical and organized way. It is easy for jobs that need perfectionism and care.

Mars in Libra

People with Mars in Libra on the Astral Map spend energy for the benefit of collective harmony. They like to do beautiful things and, above all, try to avoid unnecessary fights and confrontations.

Mars in Scorpio

Spending energy intensely and with the emotions involved is typical of this combination in an Astrological Chart. People with Mars in Scorpio can act to affect the emotions of those around them directly.

Mars in Sagittarius

It is one of the most active combinations of the zodiac. Spending energy in an enthusiastic way is very characteristic of people who have this combination on the map. Besides, it has the power to lift the spirits of everyone around you with this contagious energy.

Mars in Capricorn

Spending energy in a disciplined way is inherent to Mars in Capricorn. All this discipline and seriousness are great for a professional career. Still, people with this combination on the map have to be careful not to be too harsh in personal life and relationships with others.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius is a combination that makes a person spend energy creatively and unusually. We usually find this characteristic in people who find it easy to break patterns with their unconventional attitudes.

Mars in Pisces

People with Mars in Pisces on the Astral Chart spend energy sensitively and often even intuitively. They are sensitive in the way they act and can get along with occupations where they need to connect with the emotions of others to help them in some way.

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