Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon in Aquarius Zodiac Sign


On the afternoon of July 27, we have a very important event, the Full Moon in Aquarius, being in conjunction with the South Node and the Sun at 180 ° in the 4 ° 45 ‘degree of Leo, it is activated with a Total Lunar Eclipse . Whenever the axis of the lunar nodes orbits near a Full Moon or New Moon, we have an eclipse. An eclipse marks important beginnings and endings.

In this case, we will have to locate the 4th degree of Aquarius in our Astral Chart to know more specifically, which area of our life has to be “eliminated to illuminate”. Analyzing the characteristics of Aquarius, the zodiacal region where this Full Moon is activated, we know that it is an Air sign and of a Fixed nature.

Air is associated with the mental plane, with cognitive faculties, thoughts and ideas. As many know, Full Moons are ideal for releasing psychic patterns; In this Full Moon in Aquarius, we will have to work on the liberation of fixed ideas or mental patterns that could be blocking our spontaneous expression, our freedom and creativity - characteristic themes of Uranus, ruling planet of the eleventh sign of the Zodiac - especially, this Full Moon us invites us to become aware that pride is a manifestation of the ego - Sun in Leo - therefore, we can also observe that the Universe invites us to release unconscious patterns that could be generating tensions due to pride or arrogance in our relationships.

Full Moon powered by planetary aspects

This Full Moon is powered by two planetary aspects. The first is the conjunction with Mars Retrograde in Aquarius. Mars is the planet of strength, courage, but also of anger, war and conflict. By traveling in a retrograde way - a fact that has been happening since 06/26 - the Universe is inviting us to slow down a bit and to take life more slowly, less impulsively and less vehemently.

The second aspect is the square - tense angle of 90 ° - with Uranus in Taurus. We know that, if the Full Moon is activated in Aquarius, the Moon is in the sign of Uranus, but when entering into tension with this transpersonal planet, do not be surprised if during the following weeks - which will continue the effect of the eclipse - you feel a greater desire for personal freedom.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, but also of brotherhood, humanity, social changes and revolution. This eclipse of the Full Moon in Aquarius will not only mobilize emotions of anger or rage that some people may have repressed; if not also, it will generate social and political changes at a global level, especially in countries that, in their natal charts, have the Sun or planets on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

Full Moon And Changes In The Country

This Full Moon in Aquarius will generate changes in the country, certain attitudes of rebellion and anarchism against the authorities may be seen, due to the tension between Uranus, the Moon, Mars retrograde and the Sun. To all this, we add that in addition to the eclipse lunar total and the aspects mentioned, the Full Moon of 07/27 is a Blood Moon or also called Red Moon.

By the orbit of the Earth in alignment with the Sun and the Moon, the combination of sunlight, with the atmospheric components of our planet, they generate a reddish hue and something orange on the visible surface of the Moon, that is why it takes on that chromatic hue. Anciently, it was said that when Red Full Moon eclipses occurred, there were radical changes, full of conflict, tension or tragedy.

It is worth mentioning that there is no astronomical or astrological evidence on these sentences, but I also mention the event so that you understand where the reddish tone of the Full Moon comes from. Let’s look at some additional points on how the lunar eclipse affects the twelve signs of the Zodiac. but I still mention the event so that you understand where the reddish tone of the Full Moon comes from.

How the lunar eclipse affects the twelve signs of the Zodiac

Let’s look at some additional points on how the lunar eclipse affects the twelve signs of the Zodiac. But I still mention the event so that you understand where the reddish tone of the Full Moon comes from. Let’s look at some additional points on how the lunar eclipse affects the twelve signs of the Zodiac.


This Full Moon is active at 60 ° from your zodiacal region. It suggests releasing friendships, changing circles, and moving away from toxic friendships. If you need to spend some time alone, do it and meditate on your relationships.


The full moon eclipse forms an angle with Uranus that transits in your zodiacal region. Release tension with your father or authority figures. Good time to rethink professional goals.


The Eclipse is active at 120 ° from your zodiacal region, forming a good aspect to your natal Sun, this will help you find a better balance between your inner world and your environment.


The Moon is your ruler, being in conjunction with Mars Retrograde, the Universe invites you to release low vibrational emotions. You begin a period of emotional transformation in order to achieve greater emotional stability.


This Full Moon invites you to release mental patterns linked to marriage or commitment. If you are with a partner, you may close a stage, to start a more connected one, as long as you are direct with what you feel.


The eclipse is active at 150 °, forming a quincunx - astrological angle that favors the expansion of consciousness - with your natal Sun. This full Moon invites you to rethink some work goals and to organize your routine by integrating new activities.


The full Moon at 120 ° activates your Cas V, house of the inner Child, so you start a season where your sensitivity is enhanced. You may start a period with a greater sense of emotional freedom.


The full moon is active in your House IV, home, childhood and family, so it is an ideal time to heal communication with the mother or father. Try to be assertive and avoid reactivity.


The Full Moon is active at 60 ° from your zodiacal region, inviting you to work on the communication of your emotions. It is also a time to be more flexible and tolerant with the people around you and fellow learners.


The Eclipse is active in your House II, house of money and financial resources; so it is a time to release limiting patterns that could be blocking your economy. Better plan your expenses.


The Full Moon in conjunction with Mars Retrograde invites you to release emotions of anger or repressed anger. During the next few weeks, you may be more impatient or reactive. Try to breathe and practice some spiritual discipline


The Full Moon is active in your XII House, house of the inner world, the unconscious and intrauterine life, therefore, you begin an ideal period to heal unconscious patterns inherited from the mother’s womb or from others lives. Listen to your dreams.

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