Everything You Need to Know About Loving a Virgo Person

Everything You Need to Know About Loving a Virgo Person

He is a Virgo and his soft smile is barely able to disguise his restless mind. He seems unmoved, but he is always concerned about something, be it work, home or the world, which he would fix with his bare hands, if he could. No matter what he is doing, he always thinks he can correct one detail or another, get a little closer to perfection. Relaxing does not exist in his vocabulary.

But even with so many thoughts running through his mind, he transmits calm to others. The confidence he brings in each gesture, the word is contagious and he will always be by your side when you need it. Is it a shoulder to cry on, a jar of ice cream or just a hug you need? He gives, he wants to see you happy. And even if the Virgo doesn’t understand these exaggerated emotions (his are always contained, after all), he will never judge you for feeling them.


Romance doesn’t do much for him. Declarations of love or grandiose gestures seem meaningless to them. But don’t confuse this seriousness with coldness. He does, but Virgo love is security and attention. Virgo Man conquers with his conversation, he is a friend before being a lover and he wants to get to know her in depth to understand what you need and expect from a partner. He hears reason before he hears the heart, but that does not mean that he does not fall in love. Just choose to live a peaceful, soft and constant love.


It is all about dedication. Sometimes it will be for you, but it will also be for the job or project you are currently working on. And it’s hardheaded, there’s no point in trying to get him to rest or to suggest that doing it in another way is more convenient. The Virgo follows very clear rules: those he created, and does not change them for anything or anyone.

He has a habit of cleaning and collects habits in the same way that he collects stationery (he loves the sense of organization they convey). He likes to see everything clean and in order because he believes that this way he can put more order in his mind. Just don’t expect him to admit to his quirks. For him, going to sleep without doing the dishes is easier than admitting he was wrong. Virgo does not handle criticism well. They need to be done in an extremely subtle way.


Sincerity, effort and care are the three pillars of his personality. He won’t make big love surprises, but he will always want to see you smile. You may not like kissing in public, but you’ll always want to hold your hand. He is down to earth and confident in the future. Virgo loves rationally and therefore never hesitates about his feelings.

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