Loving A Cancer Man - Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love and Sex

Loving A Cancer Man - Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love and Sex

He’s Cancerian and completely made up of emotions. He has no neutral expression, everything he feels is written all over his face. Sometimes he gets irritated, in a bad mood that looks like it won’t end. But it is always fleeting, just a smile and a gesture of affection that he already has his eyes shining and full of love. It changes mood as the phases of the moon change.


If you like romance, you’ve found the right partner. The Cancerian thinks it is foolish not to give in to love. He pampers, declarations, romantic dinners. He likes messages of love, affection and kisses at any time of the day. It will require a good deal of your attention, but it will pay off by dedicating all your time to you. When the Cancerian loves someone, he values the person above almost everything. Just be sure to say that you love him, sincerely and often. It is enough that he hears these words for his entire week to light up.


He’s a dreamer, his mind keeps going around the world of the moon and sometimes he’ll need you to bring him back to Earth. His feelings are so intense that he doesn’t always know how to deal with them. Therefore, it is unpredictable. You will never know at which moment of reflection you will find it. But, there is something in your eyes that brings peace. He is able to calm any storm, even if there is confusion within him. It is because he is loyal as few people are capable of being. He does not even imagine a life that is not made of fidelity.


That is why the Cancerian does not forgive treason. He spends months (even years) to overcome a heartbreak. And even when your rational part says it’s gone, the hurt is still alive in your heart. He is not there to listen to your rational part. This does not mean that he is naive. The Cancerian has no vocation to trust strangers and it takes a long time to open up completely. He also knows very well whether he really fell in love or not, he will not give himself to anyone if that is not the feeling.

He doesn’t always understand himself, but he knows how to read others like no one else. He’s the guy who gives the best advice, even if he doesn’t always know how to follow it. Its energy is able to infect any environment and that energy is all made of good. He is trustworthy, a true anchor and always asks for a hug, it seems he needs that touch to establish himself as well.

Live and Love

He always finds beauty in simple things, values and rewards every gesture of affection. Cancerians know how to live in love. He is like a light that drives away any darkness. He will always be able to make you smile.

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