Lilith Sign 2023: Everything That You Should Know About The Black Moon and Astrology

Lilith Sign 2023: Everything That You Should Know About The Black Moon and Astrology

Lilith - that was the name of the first wife of the famous Adam, who did not want to recognize him as a freer and stronger partner. She herself is free, strong - something like this was stated before the “departure”. Then, as we all know, Eve was made to Adam, who in everything agreed with him and followed him. This is a legend, but what does astrology say about Lilith?

In astrology, Lilith is called a fictitious point (fictitious - this means that there is no celestial body, but only a point), which indicates our subconscious mind, that which guides us implicitly. It can be said, all our shortcomings, those qualities of our personality that we carefully hide, hide from others and most often from ourselves. Nevertheless, it is Lilith who talks about where many of our efforts are directed, what exactly we want to achieve. This is the dark side of the moon, which nevertheless has tremendous power. In order to understand yourself, it would be nice to try to determine in which zodiac sign Lilith is located with you.

Try to find your “dark” side

Lilith (Black Moon) in Aries

The temptation to be too active, to take on more than is necessary. The desire to capture: power, people, material objects.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Taurus

Loyalty, hoarding, greed. Unwillingness to share what you have, low emotionality.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Gemini

A passion for communication just for the sake of communication. Getting a huge amount of new information in order to excite the brain. Unnecessary contacts, many wrong thoughts and attitudes.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Cancer

A tendency to be a home tyrant or not to have a family at all. Inability to listen to loved ones, desire to dominate.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Leo

Ostentatiousness, a large number of complexes on the topic of his own creative abilities, the desire to seduce everyone indiscriminately.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Virgo

Pettiness, prudence, leading to mental exhaustion.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Libra

Neglecting oneself and one’s desires for the sake of satisfying other people. Sacrifice bordering on masochism. Arrogance.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Scorpio

A tendency to violence, getting one at any cost.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Sagittarius

Is a megalomania, a tendency to spread false knowledge, obsessive thoughts about his God-chosenness.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Capricorn

Despotism, dryness, stiffness. Detachment from people, rejection of their emotions.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Aquarius

An increased desire to be free and independent, a desire to break any connection - necessary or unnecessary, indiscriminately.

Lilith (Black Moon) in Pisces

The desire to help someone in order to look merciful. Lack of real essence and emotional participation.

They say that the best way to eliminate the villain is to tame it. It would be nice to identify and tame your villain, your own Lilith.

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