Libra Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Temperamental, hesitating in search of balance, the right moment, the right word in the way. No sign has more manic-depressive and non-heroic people, no sign has a better sense of time.

Libra emphasizes the role of knowledge, loves to accumulate facts, value information of any kind, concealing information is considered a crime.

Like air, they want to circulate freely, hate the dark, despise poorly lit rooms, need people around them, know how to win them: charm, affection, flattery, spontaneous hospitality, generosity, generosity, willingly provided services, understanding other people’s point of view.

Both men and women try to seduce their whole lives, expecting in return praise, affection, encouragement, admiration, approval, they cannot live without feeling popular, loved by everyone, including luck. Feel cheated if they feel they are not loved.

Dependence on the surrounding world impedes their originality; they work better on other people’s ideas, improving them. Full of rich intentions, goodwill, little willpower.

The trend is to avoid responsibility. They will sleep better than fight. They can say no to anyone and nothing. When choosing between temptations and temptations, the will fluctuates. This can lead to indifference, compromise, a lack of commitment, sometimes to some difficulty, and ultimately to a guilt complex.

Libra is a sign of measure and moderation. They are not averse to measuring, but do not want to be mediocrity. Their story is a multitude of points of view. They better lose the idea, but save the life. Hate the hunting season. Libra needs to learn to use the senses to make decisions and overcome super passivity.

Women Libra create the best clothes. They are the pinnacle of elegance. They are careful, because they like to please, make a good impression. They pay attention to the cut of their clothes, but are not always sure of the color, prefer gray, blue, pale green tones and all pastel, as well as all unsharp perfumes.

Men are very preoccupied with fashion, sometimes in a snobbish spirit, are sometimes effeminate in clothes.

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