Libra Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Tone, skin color, especially around the eyes, speak about the well-being of Libra. This is a mirror of health.

No sign has a lower resistance to alcohol, no sign should drink less than Libra. Acids, vinegars, citruses are harmful, they should be consumed sparingly, replace vinegar with oil, citrus fruits with pears, ripe apples, moderate salt intake or natural salt metabolism are recommended.

Vulnerability - kidneys. The nervous system of Libra is not very strong. Organic disorders can cause hatred, hostility to immediacy, dullness and vile surroundings at home or at work. Blood circulation is sometimes bad, you need to keep limbs warm, energy is often below normal.

Preventive measures: live in a temperate, even climate, in a harmonious atmosphere, there should be flowers around, especially roses and objects that are pleasant to the eyes. Play tennis, skate, massage 1-2 times a month, avoid chemicals.

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