Playlist For Libra Zodiac Sign

Playlist For Libra Zodiac Sign

Among the signs of the zodiac, Librans are the children of justice. It is no wonder that one of its symbols is the scale, since all situations in your life are always weighed and balanced. They are generally very fair and always seek to hear both sides of a fact in order to make a decision, which unfortunately can make them extremely indecisive and totally unable to choose between simple things.

They are also endowed with natural good taste and live in search of beauty in everything around them, but don’t think they are extravagant; look for beauty and appearance in this balance as well. The only problem is that they can become greedy and naive in search of wealth and beauty. Another striking characteristic of Librans is the need to always be well with everyone; they just don’t know and don’t like to deal with fights.

Inspired by these characteristics and the general aspect of Libras, we have separated some songs below that refer to the personality of these natives. Check out the playlist we made especially for Libra and have fun!

Katy Perry - “HotCold”

“Because you’re hot and then it gets cold
You want it and then you don’t want it
You’re in and then you’re out
You’re up and then you’re down
You’re wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white
We fight, we’re done
We kiss and we come back”

Jorge Vercillo - “She unites all things”

“She unites all things as I could explain,
a sweet river mystery, with the transparency of a sea
She unites all things, how many elements go there
feeling deep in the water, with all lightness of the air
She is in all things, even in the emptiness it gives me,
when I see the afternoon fall and it is not “

Lana Del Rey - “Million Dollar Man”

“You said I was the most exotic flower
Hold me tight in our final hour
I do not know how you convince them and win, but
I do not know what you do, but you are unbelievable
I do not know how you overcome, overcomes
Someone as dangerous, rotten and flawed as you “

Ariana Grande - “Problem”

“Hey baby, even though I hate you
I want to love you
I want you
And even though I can’t forgive you
I really want you”

Caetano Veloso - “Hidden Eclipse”

“Too many words
Weak life impulse
Caught the mind in ideology
And the body didn’t act as if the heart
Had to choose between the insect and the insecticide ...
I don’t complain I didn’t know how to love you
But I still want to conquer
One thing any on you
What will it be? ”

Oswaldo Montenegro - “To the children of Libra”

“It was a pound like the moon seen like that, it
was salt-colored it was a pound like the light of the seven stars,
some sign
was a pound when you take a step back
to walk cool, it was the universal scale it
was harmony like the rhythm of life and the carnival
was like a pounding breeze when the wheat field passes and waves,
but I was afraid to know that the truth game
was fatal, it was the universal scale ”

Mandarine Wasps - “I don’t know what to do with me”

“I was already ethical, unsympathetic, I was poetic, I was fanatical
I was apathetic, I was methodical, without shame, I was chaotic
I already read Paulo Coelho, I already listened to everything that was advice
I already preached the gospel
I even thought I was old I
already did so much that I don’t even remember
What I was against or I was in favor of
What gave me pleasure, today only gives me pain
I never learned what love is
And I heard a voice that says “there is no reason
You are always changing, already no longer changes “
And since I am more and more the same
I don’t know what to do with me”

Bikini Cavadão - “Ferris Wheel”

“I want to learn to love to make peace until the night comes
I want to learn to love in every detail to decipher you
I want to learn to love to commit sins and then forgive myself”

Fábio Jr. - “I surrender”

“Well then, come, complete your spell now
Come on, don’t look like someone who has nothing to do with this
Come on, stop talking about ‘what did I do?’
Do what you want, I surrender
But make me happy

Grupo Geração - “Pros and cons”

“Take into account, unfortunately it happened
Pros and cons, I do not blame you or me
But, I have faith that I will soon find
someone else who can complete me”

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