Libra In Love, Relationships And Career: The Most Balanced Sign

Libra In Love, Relationships And Career: The Most Balanced Sign

In the seventh article in the series on signs and relationships, I move on to Libra.

Libra loves to love, simple as that. People of this sign need a relationship because that is what makes their lives complete.

Represented by the scale of dishes, this sign symbolizes the dilemma between one’s own needs and those of others, between one’s own and someone else’s point of view. Balancing these two sides is a challenge for Libras. Their indecision stems from this internal conflict.

The sign opposite Aries also tends to weigh the scales just to your side. And the difference is the awareness of it and the internal drama it generates for them.

Relating to Libra requires patience with his indecision and dilemma in composing things. Overwhelmed by the need to satisfy their needs and, at the same time, meet the needs of others without generating conflict, they can be pretty confused and change their attitude quickly.

Love and Romance

They are romantic, in the sense that they need flowers and chocolates and ornaments in general in life. But as an air sign, they treat everything rationally. Like Leos, they tend to be spendthrift. So don’t expect too much financial reserve in a relationship unless other more economical signs act powerfully on the chart.

Libra loves beauty, and aesthetics are essential in a relationship as much as pleasant environments. Delicate gestures and a good dose of intelligence also attract these people. Libra wants to build something together and discuss the relationship to improve it is part of his plans.

Work and Career

At work, they are great mediators and know how to get around conflicts well. They tend to seek a good relationship climate in the commercial environment because harmony is essential to them.  However, there is a tendency towards an excess of diplomacy that reveals a particular falsehood in the background since avoiding conflicts so much can become insincere.

They like dialogue and ponder different opinions, so they value people who express their views and are willing to consider other ways of looking at the same issue. The rudeness is not very tolerated by these natives, who, with diplomacy, will make it clear that they are not willing to fight openly.

Between money, power and love, they tend to prefer the latter. But they are ruled by Venus and have exquisite taste, so money also speaks loudly.

There is a risk of worrying only about vanity, which will depend on the rest of the map and the character of the native. Seduction is also a trap of this sign, which, as I said, loves love so that it can seduce you for pure pleasure, without any intention of a relationship. So be careful.

If you are looking for someone determined, assertive and full of reason, knock on the door of another sign. But if you want harmony, seduction, dialogue and a lot of exchange, you have found your Shangrilá in Libra.

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