Leo Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Leo Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

The sun means life, heat, fire, flame, light, consciousness, idealism, discipline, radiant greatness. Human consciousness as opposed to the “moon” subconscious. Inwardly, Leos are aware of their social role, which can make them status seekers. Unfortunately, not everyone has an external resemblance to the king of beasts, but all have his ambition.

Leos are fierily passionate both men and women who refuse to play the second violin consider themselves the center of the universe, a star, a reflection of their own imagination. They want to lead, lead, inspire, give good luck, fill up with gifts, protect, have fun.

They can be generous to recklessness. They have no sense of danger. Loyal, explicit, frank, they cannot live in moral denial, they need an explanation and settlement at the first shadow of doubt. The secret of their strength is faith and truth.

They don’t like the dark, they live in the neighborhood of fire, wars, cataclysms, which sometimes themselves cause.

Their enemy is pride, especially if it is not justified. In these cases, mental inflation occurs: depression, quirks, swearing painful humor. It turns out an arrogant, painful, pompous personality, punishing for his unfulfilled ambitions a tyrant, who is a slave to his vices, a petty restless adventurer who reckons only with himself. The Napoleonic complex can sometimes lead to a madhouse.

Women - Leos want to be noticed and take care to show themselves, preferring silk, ornaments, bright colors, harsh perfumes. They do not follow fashion, they introduce it and copy to prominent ladies of society, if they can afford it, they spend a lot on clothes, if not, they emphasize the amount to the detriment of the quality of clothes and use cheap furs, fake jewelry, vulgar perfumes.

Men spend a lot of time on dressing, combing. They look good in a tuxedo. Leo has a passion for a thick pocket.

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