Leo Professions and Business Guide - 2023

From the very beginning, he realizes the importance of choosing a profession, society expects significant contribution from them. The entire career is at stake. They do not want to go into small details, play a subordinate role, but strive for responsibility, they are tireless. They don’t like to follow, sitting at someone’s work, they want to be right by and large.

Even Taurus can surpass in work. They hate being interrupted, or assisting poorly, or obstructing ineptitude. For them, it is best to work either independently, for themselves (art, intellectual labor, entrepreneurship), or to enter high administrative circles, climbing up the hierarchical ladder.

They are good at everything related to politics, culture or show business, as well as physical education. They make good jewelers, taxi drivers, diplomats, politicians, artists, gallery owners , theater directors, decorators, directors, athletes, directors, chairmen, presidents, administrators.

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They like to earn big money and spend even more. They borrow, give out, spend, often live beyond their means.

These are the most incorrigible gamblers, but unlucky. Leo has the highest success rate of all the signs of the Zodiac, but also the most terrible failures.

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