Leo Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Leo Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Leo is a sign favorable to male honor, at least where a man is still allowed to create an empire, a dynasty.

For women-Leo, it is often difficult to realize their romantic ambition: to find a man who puts her on a pedestal, to which she has a right. They usually try to marry those who are high on the social ladder, for a long time abstain from marriage until they find the one they think they want: a well-savvy man with money that will allow her to look and be ruled at home. They consider love to be a trump card in a game with life and hold back their sensual questions, which she does not have too many, are often frigid.

Many female Leos think they are beautiful, often the way it is. They are afraid to give themselves physically out of fear of losing beauty, many pay the nervous breakdown by about 30 years for marriage or marriage of convenience.

Men can be the most generous, and generous lovers or fans. They are not very tender, but very passionate. They want to find a woman worthy of themselves and their great romantic fate, for which, in their opinion, they were born. They cannot imagine that any woman can reject them. On the other hand, a successful compliment to Leo throws him at your feet, he has something from Peacock.

Love for Leo is a holiday, exaltation. The appetites of Lviv are great, the desires are persistent, the pain is deep, they do not see the point in indecision, in doubts about feelings and situations. They do not like to get across the road.

If Leo is not loved, he cannot forgive himself for his choice - his anger is destructive. On the other hand, no woman can stand in the way of life and career. If she does this, then Leo gets rid of his humiliating desire, even if it threatens him with loneliness.

A prosperous Leo in society can allow himself to be ruled at home when no one sees this. He may be the most complaisant husband in the world. The loser may be the most terrible tyrant in personal relationships, restless, pompous, insults a woman, accuses her of all the failures of life.

Both men and women Leos must resolve the conflict between love and social status in favor of love and try to overcome vanity when a choice is made.

Leos are happy with Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra.

In friendship and marriage, Scorpio and Taurus should be avoided.

Leo Love Horoscope

Leo Love Horoscope for Women

She is far from Leo temperament, although she is very attractive and able to turn even a sober head. Her feelings always remain calm, and she shows prudence in any circumstances. Even during intimacy, a man feels her impassive gaze. In part, this can be explained by her physical coldness and weak interest in sex. It is practical and evaluates each partner as a potential husband. She is written to be a good wife and mother. It is in defending the interests of the family that its Leo nature manifests itself. But her indifference to sex creates many problems for her husband. Most often, continuing to love her, he enters into a relationship with another woman who is able to give him the whole gamut of erotic sensations. She is jealous, but only herself will have to blame for treason.

Leo Love Horoscope for Men

Like any Leo, he has many weaknesses. Surrounding people do not even suspect that a man who is far from confident in his abilities and capabilities can hide behind a confident and good-natured appearance. It constantly seems to him that at the slightest mistake he will be ridiculed by a partner. He constantly expects a breakdown and therefore is in eternal nervous tension. If a woman manages to bite him, then a formidable Leo can become a toy in the legs of a lapdog. To prove to himself and others his usefulness, he embarks on all sorts of love adventures, enters into dubious relationships. A smart and tactful partner who can convince him that he is a cut above any man can reveal his real strength.

Ideal for you: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.
More or less suitable for you: Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo.
Absolutely not suitable for you: Taurus, Aquarius.

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