Leo Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Leo Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Good health, incredible vitality. Leos are proud of it, as if it was their merit and personal dignity. Resistance is phenomenal, but they overestimate their strength and take risks, giving themselves to everything and everyone, exhausting this resistance to disease.

The most vulnerable spot is the heart. Emotional shocks and obstacles affect the heart physically, hence the vulnerability to blood circulation: anemia, leukemia, arthritis, gout, phlebitis, emboli, sore throats, nervous depressions and breakdowns, hemorrhages, especially in the retina, cramps, gangrene of the lower extremities, freckles and sunburns .

Diseases are usually short-term, but acute, with high fever. They respond better to natural remedies, to everything that ripens under the sun - herbal tea, a remedy from plums and garlic, fruits, a bread and potato diet, and vitamins.

The main thing is the regulation of energy costs, the need to avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. The critical age is about fifty years.

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