Beginner's Guide To Tarot Cards And Its Meanings

Beginner's Guide To Tarot Cards And Its Meanings

Tarot has been used for many centuries as a tool to predict the future, better understand its paths, and understand situations. It is even used in therapeutic approaches, helping to resolve internal conflicts and develop self-knowledge.

Its origin is still unknown. Some believe it came from Egypt, while others claim it came from Europe. Regardless, my focus in this article is introducing you to some types of Tarot and their characteristics.

The Tarologist and his deck

It is essential to clarify that each tarologist can use one or more types of Tarot in his appointments, according to his familiarity and knowledge, to decipher the messages and guide his consultants. There is no better Tarot line than the other, since all types have their characteristics, having in common the ability to develop self-knowledge and transmit their messages to the querent.

The types of Tarot

I will quote the most used, from my point of view:

The Marsella Tarot

Among the different types that exist, indeed, the Marseille deck is one of the most used. It is not the most suitable when starting to study Tarot, due to its complexity, but it is the most popular.

Through the Marseille Tarot, it is possible to unveil and understand our unconscious, in addition to being an excellent tool for self-knowledge. This deck is also very effective for showing the current situation and the means to deal with it, in addition to making future projections of your life or specific situations.

The Egyptian Tarot

Besides being a great option to find answers within yourself, the Egyptian deck is a powerful means for those seeking guidance for decision-making. It is also possible to predict future situations through its reading and obtain more direct and objective answers.

Crowley’s or Thoth’s Tarot

Because of its illustrations, this deck is one of the most elaborate and complex interpretations. The images are full of details, and, for greater understanding, it requires a lot of study and dedication.

It is widely used to give us a broader view of the people around us and to reveal hidden messages in our lives.

Tarot of Angels

Composed of 72 cards with illustrations of angels, this Tarot can guide us to face complicated situations and improve our relationships.

The Angels Tarot is a great option to know which way to go in solving a problem.

Runes Tarot

Although not widespread, this type of Tarot consists of 25 cards that, illustratively, represent the 25 Runes of the Nordic oracle. It is considered a magical alphabet and also an ancient code of divinatory messages.

It is widely used as a powerful tool for self-knowledge and self-help, showing problems that afflict human beings in the astral, body, and mental planes besides showing the cosmic means to face them.

There are several other types of Tarot in the world, each more beautiful and fascinating than the other. We must always respect each type and its origin, since all, in some way, have the purpose of serving us with love and sincerity.

I hope this article has managed to clarify a little more about this beautiful universe of Tarot.

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