Zodiac Stones For Each Sign - Lucky Birthstones And Crystals

The signs of the zodiac do more than determining certain facets of one’s personality. They are also connected to elements of nature that bring unique benefits to their natives. Stones are some of those elements! They can absorb and charge energy, influence the environment around them, and bring numerous benefits to those who carry them. Each sign has the stone that most brings positive effects. Do you want to know which stone is your sign? Learn more about them right here!

Aries Lucky Birthstone - Carnelian

Carnelian is a stone connected to the element of fire, the same that rules the Aryans. Like the natives of Aries, it is a resistant stone, which has everything to do with the strength and impetuosity that each Aryan brings in its nature. The use of carnelian helps the Aryan to recharge his energies, offers protection, and encourages confidence. Other stones that benefit Aries are jasper and ruby.

Taurus Lucky Birthstone - Rose Quartz 

Patients and stable Taureans find renewal and strength in rose quartz. This stone is linked to love and is one of the most beautiful found in nature, which has everything to do with the natives of Taurus. Besides, rose quartz transmits calm and positive energies, helping Taureans to regulate their emotions. Other stones perfect for Taureans are seawater and the tiger’s eye.

Gemini Lucky Birthstone - Agate 

Agate has a large amount of energy, just like the natives of Gemini. It stimulates creativity and mental vibrations and is a stone that brings balance, helping Geminis encourage their positive gifts to the maximum. Agate is also able to reduce tiredness and attract good luck. Other stones that are good for Geminis are obsidian and citrus.

Cancer Lucky Birthstone - Pearl 

Able to attract prosperity and ward off negative energies, the pearl is the stone of Cancerians. It is linked to sensitivity and intuition, striking characteristics of the natives of this sign. By bringing emotional stability, the pearl also protects Cancerians from emotional distress. The other stones beneficial to Cancer natives are amber and moonstone.

Leo Lucky Birthstone - Tiger’s Eye

The lush eye of the tiger can ward off negative energies born of envy and, therefore, protects against attacks the natives of Leo, people of substantial presence and who usually attract attention. The tiger eye is linked to personal relationships, strengthens the environment’s positive energies, and brings vitality. Other stones that benefit Leos are garnet and amber.

Virgo Lucky Birthstone - Amazonite 

The amazonite is a stone linked to intelligence and organization, characteristics that perfectly symbolize the natives of Virgo. Full of positivity, amazonite attracts good luck and improves sleep quality, helping Virgos achieve energetic vibrations and become stronger. The other stones that bring benefits to Virgos are opal and sodalite.

Libra Lucky Birthstone - Green Quartz 

Libra natives, who always seek harmony and well-being, can find both in green quartz. This stone brings mental security, vital energy, and balance, benefits that go very well with Libras and can ward off negative vibrations and attract rejuvenation and prosperity. Other perfect stones to benefit Libras are lapis lazuli and opal.

Scorpio Lucky Birthstone - Granada 

The natives of Scorpio, the most magnetic and seductive sign of the zodiac, have their natural attributes strengthened with the garnet, a stone that promotes self-confidence and personal development. The grenade is also able to ward off negativity, bring protection and inspire positive feelings. Other stones beneficial to Scorpios are emerald and obsidian.

Sagittarius Lucky Birthstone - Sodalite 

Very energetic and a source of positivity, sodalite is the perfect stone for Sagittarius natives, who are very connected to creativity and freedom. Sodalite strengthens the natural characteristics of Sagittarians, such as intelligence and the quest to make dreams come true, in addition to bringing clarity and focus. Other stones perfect for Sagittarians are amethyst and agate.

Capricorn Lucky Birthstone - Fluorite 

Fluorite is a stone linked to balance, so it is perfect for strengthening Capricorns’ focused and persistent nature. The natives of this sign are very realistic and like to strive for their goals. Because it favors progress and the intellectual side, fluorite is exceptionally beneficial to Capricorns. Other stones that are good for Capricorn natives are onyx and quartz.

Aquarius Lucky Birthstone - Lazuli Pencil 

The lapis lazuli stone is linked to creativity and communication and being able to strengthen mental energies. For this reason, the natives of Aquarius benefit significantly from this stone. Creatives, innovators, and owners of a free spirit, Aquarians have their thoughts and spirituality significantly strengthened with the lapis lazuli. Other stones beneficial to Aquarians are turquoise and marine water.

Pisces Lucky Birthstone - Amethyst 

Able to attract serenity and joy, amethyst is exceptionally beneficial to Pisceans. The natives of this sign are very attached to their spirituality and like to do good. With this stone, which has solid spiritual vibrations and can expand the mind and healing nature of those who carry it, Pisceans become able to use their natural gifts to the fullest. Other stones that are good for the natives of Pisces are the moonstone and agate.

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