Know The Origin Of Zodiac Signs Symbols And Their Meanings

Know The Origin Of Zodiac Signs Symbols And Their Meanings

We who love signs have long memorized the respective symbols for each constellation representing them. But where did these signs come from that make our head connect the drawing to its sign? Speaking like this, it seems that we will make a very complicated trip full of misplaced ideas. It is wrong! Our ancestors were very clever in associating the characteristics of certain animals with the astrological symbols we know today. To understand, it links in this short list.

Aries Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Symbolized by the ram, animal that has horns that open paths and clear the pastures and woods around. The head links to the natural leadership of this sign, also speaking of its courage aggressiveness.

Taurus Zodiac Signs Symbol:

As the name implies, the bull carries all the symbolism of this sign. They are strong, powerful and attack when they are angry, angry or jealous. These characteristics show the more Taurean side of the natives of this sign.

Gemini Zodiac Signs Symbol:

The two sticks represent the twins Castor and Pollux who, thanks to Jupiter, received a place in the mythological sky, according to Greek mythology. Also represent the duality exists in this sign.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Symbol:

With the crab as a representation, the symbol refers to the woman’s breasts. Idea that brings personality traits of the Cancerian: protect and nurture with love those who love. The animal’s tongs show a tendency to cling and the carapace protects its sensitivity.

Leo Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Represented by this animal, who is the king of the jungle, the symbol fits perfectly to the natives of this sign: brave, strong and born leaders. In addition, the size of the animal and its mane make reference to the need to always be in evidence.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Represented by a virgin holding a corn in her hand, the meaning of the representation brings us to the virgo’s qualities in working hard and reaping what he sowed. Only female figure of the zodiac, brings the idea of ​​purity and perfection, typical of the sign. The sign symbol is a tangled snake, alluding to the fall of paradise and human guilt.

Libra Zodiac Signs Symbol:

The only sign represented by something inanimate, the balance refers to the search for balance, typical characteristic of this sign. Symbology brings the idea of ​​measuring weights, making comparisons and seeking justice in actions.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Represented by scorpion and eagle. This symbology brings the idea of ​​the struggle between the material and the spiritual: the scorpion and its tail that crawl through the sand hiding in the way, the eagle soars in the sky and can analyze the manifestations completely.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Presented by a centaur, half human to another a horse. Two sides are shown here: the rational intellect and wisdom and the animal part with its strength and speed. The symbol is an arrow ready for firing, referring to the concept of transcendence that the natives of the sign seek.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Originally represented by the mythological animal Capricornus, a goat-bodied animal with a fish tail, the sign is symbolized by the goat. This animal is persevering and determined: they climb the steepest mountains. Another idea of ​​this concept is the ambition of the natives of this sign.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs Symbol:

Represented by the waterman pouring water and, in the symbol, by two small waves, the concepts presented are linked to intuition, intelligence, adaptability and natural creativity. The symbol shows us that the sign is linked to the ability to transform intuitively.

Pisces Zodiac Signs Symbol:

The symbol represents two fishes joined by a cord. They swim in opposite positions: up and one down. The concept that brings the symbol is that will follow the life of Pisces. He must decide whether to follow the fish that swims down and will lead them to the most mundane path (miscellaneous vices and unfulfilled dreams) or what goes up, leading to a level of self-discovery, spirituality, love and compassion for the world.

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