Karmic Relationship vs Soul Relationship: What Is More Powerful?

Karmic Relationship vs Soul Relationship: What Is More Powerful?

It is a fact that all the people who go through our lives, especially those with whom we develop some relationship, cross our path for some reason. All of them, without exception, aim to teach us or learn some vital lesson from us. And that is precisely what makes the beauty of human relationships. However, these relationships will always be part of one of the two major categories that permeate this aspect of our lives.

Karmic relationships and soul relationships

The two have incredible power over our experience. They can mark us in endless ways throughout our lives, but they are very different from each other, being almost opposite and teaching us very different lessons.

A karmic relationship challenges us daily

It is based on egos and, therefore, is primarily made up of dependence and conflict. It is as if you feel unable to live with the other person, but you also don’t feel in control to the point of denying that relationship.

Karmic relationships are often based on disputes and difficulty being at ease. It is when you feel the need to create a character to be present in the other person’s company. In more extreme cases, karmic relationships can even impede the growth of the people involved and suck up to essential energies, giving an air of tiredness and sadness to those involved.

On the other hand, Soul relationships are just the opposite

They are easy, pleasant, and highly aggrandizing. When you are in the company of a person with whom you feel, you can be completely transparent, without the slightest concern of thinking twice before saying or doing anything.

It is that type of relationship that encourages you to grow and teaches you important lessons, many of which are assimilated together, helping each other. It is a relationship in which it is worth investing and betting all the happiness chips, as they will only multiply.

Now that you know the primary differences between the two, it is worth thinking about and identifying in the environments in which you live what types of relationships you have. It is worth saying that in the family environment, we experience karmic relationships most of the time, precisely because it is an almost obligatory coexistence that forces us to learn the most painful and complex lessons. Your friendship and love relationships tend to be unlimited choices of those involved, so make sure you are well invested in relationships that exalt you and make you happy as a human being. You only have to win when you know how to make the right choices.

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