Positives And Negatives Of Jupiter In Astrology

Positives And Negatives Of Jupiter In Astrology

Every year, we are influenced by two planets: the ruling planet of the year, which obviously changes from year to year, and the ruling planet of the cycle, which changes at the end of each cycle, that is, every 36 years. During the year 2017, we were all doubly ruled by Saturn, which was the influencing planet of the year, as well as having its cycle started and therefore will continue to influence us until the year 2052.

In 2018, the ruling planet of the cycle will continue to be the same, but another star will assume the title of ruler of the year: Jupiter will be responsible for taking this position from Saturn and, from January 1, will begin to instigate, motivate and induce.

Jupiter is a planet of great immensity and breadth, and these will be the main characteristics felt by us. Which looks great, right? Yeah. It really is very good, but you have to be careful. All regency and influence works for both sides (positive and negative). It is up to us, however, to decide what will impact our lives.

It is worth remembering that even the aspects that are not so good can be analyzed and assimilated in an optimistic way, which makes us grow and evolve as human beings. So, always be aware of what is happening around you and what are your attitudes towards each event. Always remember that you have absolute control over yourself!

The breadth of Jupiter

The breadth of Jupiter will potentially be felt in projects that were previously stopped (for lack of certainty, money, time, courage, or whatever) and are now going to start taking off. Such projects can be in any area: from schoolwork to start-ups, professional business, financial actions or travel, for example.

All this exponential growth that is forecasted for the coming year may cause other things to grow, too, as a consequence: ego, greed, meanness and individuality. Very careful! Pay attention to your ways of dealing with each situation and, especially, with other people.

It is also necessary to be careful with those people who cannot control such feelings within them, and end up expressing these characteristics. Do not let yourself be shaken by them, let alone be influenced by them. Jupiter also positively influences the power of communication , so if you want, you can try to talk instead of walking away, to try to show how wrong it is to act that way.

Another area that will be greatly affected by Jupiter’s actions is education. Everyone will be able to feel this positive change, just dedicate yourself and make an effort - after all, not even the planets are strong enough to change the life of someone who doesn’t deserve it.

So, take advantage of 2018 to study hard, learn about new cultures, exchange information, go to ideological and intellectual meetings. Take advantage of all the educational and cultural opportunities that life gives you and feel your personal growth!

As it was possible to perceive, Jupiter is a very majestic planet, which always acts in a big, elevated, maximized way - this has a lot to do with its real size (it is the largest planet in the solar system). So, take advantage of all the great achievements and changes that will happen, but be very careful with excesses: excessive laziness, gluttony, financial expenses, stress, worry (or unconcern), parties, excess all!

Always try to be balanced on the invisible scale of life, and enjoy in a productive and positive way everything that this powerful star has to offer you!


Did you know that the ruling planet of the year is always defined according to an astrological order? The order is as follows:  Saturn - Jupiter - Mars - Sun - Venus - Mercury - Moon . After the Moon’s ruling year, Saturn influences us again, and so on.

The planet that rules us by cycle is also defined by an astrological order, check it out: Saturn - Venus - Jupiter - Mercury - Mars - Moon - Sun. Just as it happens in the ruler of the year, after Cycle 36 of the Sun, Saturn starts a new cycle. The signs that will benefit the most from Jupiter’s rule are Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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