Jill Schoelen

Jill Schoelen is an American actress and singer, born in California on March 21, 1963. This native of Aries earned the reputation as the “scream queen” in the 1980s, after starring in various films in the thriller/horror genre.

Daughter of the famous fashion designer Dorothy Schoelen, Jill is the possessor of two qualities received both by family inheritance and by the influence of her sign: leadership and vitality. A pioneer by nature, her career could never have been less successful.

Jill began her career in television at the age of 14 alongside Nicholas Cage, in the film Best of Time. In her second film, Happy Ending, she was nominated for “Best Young Actress in a Family Television Movie.” It is not surprising that she is an actress born under the sign of Aries: enterprising, pioneering and full of energy.

We can find Jill Schoelen in titles such as Cutting Class, DC Cab, The Stepfather, When a Stranger Calls, Storm Winds, Popcorn and There Goes My Baby, among others.

Regarding her emotional life, Jill was engaged to actor Brad Pitt, but she decided to end the relationship while filming The Phantom of the Opera in Budapest. The actress was married to the composer Anthony Marinelli, with whom she had two children. After divorcing her, she began a relationship with bassist Dave Carpenter, a stage in which she began to venture as a singer. They both worked on a jazz album: she as a vocalist, and he as a producer and bassist.

Those born under the sign of Aries tend to be more sexual than romantic and are dominated by impulsiveness: after conquering their partner with great magnetism, they often lose interest. It is common to observe that they form apparently strong ties, and then end their relationships abruptly and inexplicably.


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