Sun In Pisces: Solar Sign Characteristics - Pisces Astrology

Sun In Pisces: Solar Sign Characteristics - Pisces Astrology

And the Sun arrived in Pisces! The natives of Pisces are known as forgotten, passionate, spiritual, emotional dreamers. In the astrological zodiac, Pisces keeps the 12th house on the map, the home of the unconscious, the mysteries, the dreams, and nightmares!

It is the last sign for astrology, which also opens for the end of the astrological year. Thus, with the arrival of Aries, we have the beginning of the new astrological year that I count on calmly in the following article.

But still, in Pisces, also known for not having feet, the big question here is not to get lost in the flow of water and imagination. Keeping the focus up to date with all the love that Pisces carries is an excellent idea to conquer spaces and give energy to the projects! It is not that Pisces cannot get lost in the fantastic world. He should even, but as long as he knows how to return to the concrete world, that is not even part of these people’s plans!

It is an auspicious moment to let go of all the fluidity of imagination and creation and leave the body free to encounter nature itself without getting too smooth and losing the daily responsibilities, which, too, does not make much sense.

Now, let’s see how each sign will behave with the Sun in the changing waters of Pisces:

Sun In Aries

Attention to financial and internal values. There is no point in consuming yourself in the anxiety of going out spending what you have and what you don’t have. Uranus in your sign indicates new ways to deal with your impulsivity, and if it is still difficult, it is time to emphasize physical exercises! Note that projects that are quiet in the drawer tend to ask for space in real life! Already Venus and Mars enter your sign, bringing greater fluidity to relationships.

Sun In Taurus

If the fish dies by the mouth, the care here is not to go too far and ruminate, releasing everything like kicking! His ruler Venus soon enters Aries asking for less laziness and more action. Scheduled or surprise changes also set the tone for his natives. Friendships gain prominence and must take care not to create expectations in relationships. For those who love receiving cuddles and cuddles so much, it is also time to return and not just sit around waiting! A critical moment for resumption of projects without procrastinating more.

Sun In Gemini

Greater attention to family issues dictates the month’s tone for Geminis, and there is no use talking and talking and doing nothing. Your conductor, Mercury’s indirect movement in Aquarius, asks for more care with promises. Not everyone will be disconnected to the point where you can leave everything for later.

Sun In Cancer

Have you been putting your creativity out ?! Sex, child, creations, leisure are between the crab’s feet. It is useless to keep working and complaining about tiredness if when it comes time to relax, you get irritated. Seeking your pleasure is to go against the illness of the body! Attention to sex life and relationship is also among its important points to balance.

Sun In Leo

How are your routine and your Leo health? Being able to take care of your body and mind is extremely important not to collapse everything! Here, too, it is up to you to go after what you believe to be right in your professional life and not to carry extra weight, because then you will continue to complain that your independence and professional fulfillment never comes! It is worth reflecting on professional and personal partnerships. Setting limits so that one does not run over the other is necessary.

Sun In Virgo

Special attention with its partnerships, both sentimental and professional. The stigma of servitude is enough, and there is no need to keep putting yourself in the background to make everything okay for other people. Going out more with friends and learning to share relationships can help a lot this month. After all, your conductor is in Aquarius asking for freedom!

Sun In Libra

Moment to silence and put the scale in Libran order! Your ruler Venus will be in opposition to your sign, leaving everything more anxious and out of your control. Stopping and breathing is the perfect cue for you to stay out of your pattern. It is also worth making room for new things inside you. Leaving aside what no longer makes sense will help in times of balance needing revisions! Learning to deal with values different from yours will help you balance, accept the differences, and become lighter.

Sun In Scorpio

Laws, faith, study, trips abroad will attract your attention this month! Getting into balance with your beliefs and catching up on documents will make it easier not to encounter bureaucratic and ideological problems. You don’t have the power to command everything all the time. Making room to catch up is to avoid fatigue this month. Your rulers will be for Aries in the case of Mars and Capricorn with Pluto, and you can no longer prevent commitments to yourself and the laws!

Sun In Sagittarius

Career is his theme. With Saturn passed by his sign and Jupiter his retrograde ruler in Leo, adding study and courses to improve his knowledge is the tip to not become obsolete concerning others in his professional life. In life as a couple, more affection and fun will help set the tone that a couple’s life is all about Sex.

Sun In Capricorn

Projects saved, forgotten, or in groups, let’s put everything to work! Saturn, its regent, follows Sagittarius asking for new horizons with more wisdom, nothing to be left alone in the square world for fear of putting into practice, reviewing the concept and talking more with trusted friends will help a lot to commit to just what is necessary. In relationships, the tendency is for commitments to become healthier and longer-lasting. After all, a partnership is everything a good Capricorn wants by his side!

Sun In Aquarius

Time to open your eyes in the dark. Listen more to your feelings and sixth senses. Interiorization to avoid fatigue since Uranus, his conductor, is in Aries, what we want for yesterday, only happens next week with many organizations. Freedom has the face of Saturn in Sagittarius, his conductor too, a time of many studies to fly further!

Sun In Pisces

And in the month of birth of the natives of Pisces, with Neptune ruler in his sign and Jupiter who walks backward by Leo, to see himself and meet what makes sense to him is the ball of the year! The care is not to get lost in so many ideas and do nothing. In relationships, greater fluidity to express your feelings to those who deserve it. In taking care of yourself, give importance to courses and studies, you will be grateful in the future!

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