The Ruling Planets And Their Effect on Each Zodiac Sign In 2023

The Ruling Planets And Their Effect on Each Zodiac Sign In 2023

We all need more personal confidence, better discipline, and improve our social and financial skills. Planets can either help or harm us in this.

Vedic astrology has techniques to lessen or soften the energy of the planets. Western tropical astrology also has ways of “befriend” a planet and pave the way when a planet is affecting you considerably.

Your own willpower is also something very powerful. If you have enough seriousness and determination regarding a goal, you can reach it even if the planets are set against you. Therefore, if you can engage in a positive energy with a planet, why not do it?

The Sun

Low self-esteem or zero personal confidence? Put on the good side of the Sun wearing something gold or red every day (underwear counts). Take a bit of the heat of the Sun and feel good and strong for the simple fact of being alive or alive, especially on Sundays. Take that energy to the world in some way, no matter how it is.

The Moon

The Moon governs the fluctuating tides of emotions. The general public and women are special for the Moon. Calm your throbbing heart and make friends with the feminine side by using a little silver, white, moonstone, or a pearl every day. Make your Monday a more focused day at home, a day of privacy. The Moon moves and changes, and no matter how bad the situation is, improvement is on the way. Stay alert to the New Moon and Full Moon, as such could bring mischief.


Do you feel that your mind is scattered and disorganized? Do you lose things and your degree of concentration, especially in conversations? He establishes friendship with Mercury. Plan your phone calls and important appointments for Wednesdays (if you can), dress in a discreet neutral color and carry a piece of hematite with you. Mercury also governs cunning. Have a bit of this and keep it under control.


Shyness, indecision and insecurity? Do you desperately long for the approval and affection of others? Solve this by using pastel pink or lavender shades, and wear something shiny copper-colored. Smile and listen, especially on Fridays. Do you have a favorite poet, musician or artist? If not, find one. Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty were invented by Venus.


Anger, impatience and accident propensity? Or maybe worse, fear and exhaustion? Put Mars on your side. Use a warm and bright or black color and carry a little iron with you. Act dynamically on Tuesdays and drive safely. Play (or at least see) some sport. Mars likes the competition. Do you still feel too much aggression? Template this with a touch of kindness from Venus. Venus and Mars have a long history together.


Work overload and maybe overweight? Or maybe you’re hungry for good luck? Use blue or purple, especially on Thursday. Jupiter also reacts with the jade stone. Be a generous person and Jupiter will be generous with you.


Do you feel old and tired? Strangulation by bureaucracy, responsibilities and all things related to authority figures? Use dark blue or black, especially on Saturdays. Be kind to all black animals (such as crows), and show extra respect for the elderly. Both respect and good manners make Saturn feel pleased with you.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

The outer planets mess with the whole world, generation after generation. They are powerful forces, but do not take them personally. Concentrate on the five inner planets (especially Jupiter and Saturn) and the Sun and the Moon.

Although these suggestions may seem silly, they are practices such as what Buddhists call “mindfulness”. When you become aware of a problem, you are already halfway through finding a solution. The symbolism of the inner planets is designed to highlight your interior for better or for worse. Make the energy they transmit to you more positive, it’s worth trying!

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