What Does Saturn Opposition Uranus Mean?

What Does Saturn Opposition Uranus Mean?

When we make an astrological chart, be it a personal chart or the horoscope of a certain period, we see in the map design some traces linking the planets that seem to be complicated at first. These traits represent the “aspects”. They are representations of the angulations between the planets on the map. When we have a line that connects one planet that is opposite the other on the map diagram, we call this aspect of opposition.

In this article we will talk about one of these aspects. The opposition between Saturn and Uranus.

Saturn is the planet that represents discipline, limitations and the learning that comes through them. It is as if he were the “disciplining teacher” of the birth chart. It is a planet that leads people to put their feet on the ground and see reality and take responsibility. Your goal is to make the person mature. Uranus, on the other hand, symbolizes a more detached aspect of the personality. Uranus symbolizes freedom, breaking standards and innovation. It is a planet that shows how we want to evolve through freedom and creativity. He takes our feet off the ground towards the knowledge of the new.

Seeing the symbolism of the two planets, we can see how much they show totally different aspects of being. And if they are in opposition, conflict is inevitable If you have this opposition in your personal birth chart or if we are going through this astrological moment, we must prepare for a great conflict, but one that can be balanced.

You will feel a desire to break standards and take your life to a new level, but Saturn’s energy will bring you into the harsh reality of accounts payable and day-to-day obligations. Frustration can appear, but it is possible to reconcile the two energies. If you feel this conflict, transmute the energy of revolt that arises in energy of motivation. You can take actions that take you to new places (thus dealing with Uranus), but without being irresponsible (dealing with Saturn).

To better understand, see a practical example of these two opposing energies: you are dissatisfied with your work and dream of giving up everything to dedicate yourself to a life as an artist or a liberal (influencing Uranus energy), but if you do that you will be missing the money to pay the rent at the end of the month and therefore needs to have financial stability (Saturn’s energy influencing). You are in a dilemma and the unhappiness and revolt appear because you are unable to exercise your will. After thinking a lot, you discover that there are ways to study art in your spare time and gradually you can make money from it, but without having to drop everything at once. It would be a creative solution to this conflict arising from this opposition.

This is one of the strongest and most challenging oppositions we find in astrology. So, if you have difficulty dealing with it at first, don’t give up! Be creative and think of the endless ways to reconcile responsibility with breaking standards. And in the end you will be able to find a creative way out of this conflict. May Saturn and Uranus inspire you and make you evolve in a balanced way!


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