If it's not that complicated, it surely is a Virgo?


It’s not that life is complicated, it’s that I’m a Virgo. It is true that I do not finish taking criticism well, I am not saying that this is a good thing, but I am hard enough with myself that I have to be listening to what others think about what I do or do not do. I am not as complicated as it seems, I just have a very strong personality, a personality that very few understand.

I love having everything planned, so if you are thinking of planning something, invite me to help you, I will do everything in my power. I love the feeling that others need my help, it is like a boost of energy to feel useful and productive. I love helping others and that a priori is not bad, the problem is that I almost always end up making other people’s problems my own and that makes me get touched on more than one occasion.

 On the other hand, it is true that I seek perfection, it is foolish to deny it.

I love that everything is perfect both in my work, in everything that has to do with myself and with others and yes, I get too frustrated when something doesn’t go as planned, I don’t take mistakes or failures lightly, that’s the way I am I, I will not stop crushing myself for something that was not really in my hands, but it is something that I cannot change no matter how much I want to. Also, for me, loyalty is something very important, I don’t usually let anyone into my heart, so if I let you in, you will surely be there forever. All I ask is that you do not break my heart or trust, I can forgive, but the damage would never be repaired.

Punctuality is one of my weak points, I spend a lot of time planning any plan, so when people are late, I usually have the feeling that that plan has already been ruined.

I may seem very exaggerated, but it is how I feel things.

Also, I can’t stand disorder, sure you already knew it, but I hate people who live in constant disaster, I can’t understand how they can live a life full of lack of control and drama, another of the things I can’t stand. The truth is that I don’t usually get into trouble, I prefer to make things clear from the first moment so that there is no conflict. Of course, don’t think that because I don’t like drama I’m going to shut up because if I have something to tell you, I’ll tell you with hair and signs….

On the other hand, I am quite a smart person, I will not deny it, I have a thirst for knowledge and I always want to be the first to know the facts and be aware of everything. I analyze things too much, but that is thanks to my curious nature, a nature that makes me have an adventurous side that very few know. It is true that very few people know me 100%, but it is too difficult for me to express my feelings, that is why I can seem like a cold and distant person, but deep down, I am full of goodness, it is wrong for me to I say myself, but it is the truth, I have a heart that does not fit in my chest. I can be very hard on myself, but the respect I have for others does not have anyone in this world.

In short, I am quite a complicated person, I know, but I do not care, I am happy.

I am that type of person that you can trust 100% and who will always tell you everything they think to your face and that is to value it. I will always find the right way. Do you know why? Because I have a knack for solving any problem that comes my way. Remember, I am Virgo, the best sign of the zodiac.

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