How you may die according to your sign?


There are many ways to die, but it is also true that some signs have many more ballots to do it in a certain way. Obviously, in this article we are highlighting the comic side, or maybe not ... Judge for yourself. It wouldn’t be weird for that to happen, right? This is how you will die according to your sign:


You will probably die doing something dangerous that you previously said was completely safe Aries. You are not afraid of anything but in reality there are many things that you do that are too risky. Perhaps you disappear in a country you have traveled to that has a high danger index, or maybe you jump off a cliff.


You have to die of something Taurus and you probably do it by insisting that you could do something only when you really needed a lot of help. Perhaps you will die crushed by that piece of furniture that according to you, you could move alone.


Surely you make friends with the least indicated person, probably some murderer or psychopath who in the end will end up ending you Gemini. Yes, in reality you are one of those people who believes at all costs that you have an infallible nose and a very accurate intuition with the rest. It seems that not so much Gemini ...


If you die it will be because your heart has been broken into a thousand pieces. Literal. When something bad happens you destroy yourself, stop eating, stop taking care of yourself and stop leading a healthy life because everything does not matter to you. And that is the perfect cocktail to make your heart explode.


You will probably die looking for that much desired attention that you always need. You may climb one of those tall buildings in your city to find the perfect selfie and end up spilling mush on the ground.


You will die at work Virgo, one day that you were actually on vacation.


You will die doing something for someone you love Libra. Maybe that person needs a kidney. You will not have any qualms about lying down on that stretcher to have yours taken out. The problem is that you did not think if you could get to live with one after the treatment you had given him. Definitely not.


You will die because you will fight with someone who no longer even knows you but whom you had sworn revenge on 30 years ago. “If he did it, he has to pay for it.” In those 30 years that person could learn many things (among other martial arts) and in one fell swoop he leaves you KO DEP Scorpio.


If you have to die, it will be because you choked on something in one of those fits of laughter Sagi gives you. Surely you made some grace in which you were the first to burst out laughing. Maybe no one else laughed until you started drowning.


You will die of old Capri, and on your deathbed will be all those people who have made your life bitter and only with their presence continue to make it bitter. Maybe you can no longer get up from that bed to send to shit and that will make you boil inside.


You will die helping someone who is in danger and needs help. You may jump into the sea while watching someone drowning and a current catches you, or you may try to rescue someone from a car accident when the car suddenly explodes. Things like that Aquarius ... Always so timely everything ...


If you die, it’s probably some kind of absurd distraction from having your head in the clouds. You are probably reading a message that your crush has sent you while you are crossing the street and you are not aware of the cars that pass. Or maybe you think that you are in a video clip while listening to that song that motivates you so much and you do not notice that robbery that is being committed right in the store next door. You are the typical person who was right in the place where he should not be.

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