How you do self- destruct when you see your life spiraling down according to your sign?


We all go through that moment of spiraling with a head problem and going into a self-destructive state. What happens with this is that we do not all do it in the same way, some isolate themselves and others seek to escape in different ways. Let’s see how you self-destruct when you spiral according to your sign ...


When you go into a spiral you make the big mistake of hurting the people closest to you and that is that you do not know another way to deal with your Aries anger. The worst thing about this is not what those people feel that if they know you well and know how to carry you, they will know that it is your escape route, but that afterwards you feel terrible and beat yourself up for days for your behavior. You have a heart of gold Aries, but when you are bad, you lose your mouth, what can you do? You can not have it all on you life…


Taurus, you are super familiar and also very friendly, you love spending quality time with your people, however, when you are bad you move away so that no one sees you that way. If you live with people you will find a way to isolate yourself somewhere and if you live you will only spend a few days at home whipping yourself for what torments you. When you are in a spiral, you destroy yourself in this way, but not because you want to hurt yourself, but because you need to hit bottom to be able to gather strength and float, and since you are so strong you always succeed.


To try to forget your problems, you waste your time in an incredible Gemini way, you sleep more, you drink more, you eat worse and ultimately you don’t give a damn. With this attitude, in reality, the only thing you achieve is to crush your head even more and feel worse, thank goodness that this is transitory and in the end there comes a point where you wake up and come back to life. You are positive by nature, but when something affects you it is difficult for you to go back and get out of the loop ...


Cancer you are not one of the most conceited signs, however, you like to look good and be neat or neat. The issue is when you are in a spiral you enter a state of self-destruction in which you do not care about life and how others see you. If you stop practicing personal care, those who know you well will know that you are going through a bad time because it is in your appearance that your state of mind is always reflected.


I read when you are good you want to shout it from the rooftops, but when you are bad too. The way you self-destruct is very characteristic, almost like everything you do, and that is that you meet with your trusted people and you lament and cry until you are out of breath. Actually expelling everything that hurts and torments you is the best way to take flight later because if you keep what you feel you are consuming and extinguishing like a candle. You are light Leo and this you cannot afford ...


When they see you buying impulsively or making a drastic change in your appearance, others will think that you are leaving, but it is most likely that you are dying inside. When something eats you up and makes you feel bad, you do things that you wouldn’t do normally and less compulsively, in the end you regret this, but at the time anxiety leads you to throw the house out the window when in reality it is not something that goes with your way of being.


Libra when you go into a spiral you do things that later you realize that they do not make any sense because you see yourself seeking the attention of people who in reality no longer paint anything in your life, such as your ex. This is because you become melancholic or melancholic, you begin to remember lived moments that you liked at the time and you forget the bad with astonishing ease. ERROR Libra, leave your past behind when you feel bad in the present moment because the only thing you will achieve is to attract people and things that do not benefit you.


The way you destroy yourself when you’re upset is by putting more burdens on yourself than you already have on a regular Scorpio. To distract your head you immerse yourself in work and forget about your personal life because you think that this is the best way to get out of your head what torments you. It is clear that you get it that way, but in the meantime you stop enjoying other aspects. This will be temporary because in the end you will realize that nothing and nobody is worth so much as to stop living ...


Dear Sagittarius , you don’t always do the same when you are down, but it is likely that from time to time in your life you feel so dissatisfied that you choose to spend your time with the first person who appears. However, this is not the worst of all, you may also share your intimacy with someone who really has little or nothing to do with you. After all, you will feel emptier or emptier than before and seeing the positive side, perhaps this is what makes you come out of that state that you have so much trouble dealing with.


Capri self-destructs from the moment you decide to keep within yourself what makes you bad because you think that burying it will not hurt and in the end it is the opposite. Your suffering begins when your chest oppresses you for all that is not doing you good and that if you do not take it out at some point, it may cause you a worse state of anguish. Over the years you learn to let go to release your emotions because being so hermetic in the end you realize that you carry burdens on you that are not necessary ...


When you are bad you do not express it to anyone, perhaps you do not express it, but those who know you know that you are not at your best because of the way you relate to them. You destroy yourself by sabotaging your interpersonal relationships and you even give your loved ones reasons to be angry with you, thank goodness that those who love you are thanks to your multiple virtues capable of tolerating this and even making you see it. You are very intelligent Aquarius and, even if you are having a hard time, you will know how to value what you have around you, which is a lot ...


Pisces is incredible because nobody has as much power as yourself or yourself to turn off your light and that is why when you are bad you do not make any effort to change your discomfort. When you get depressed you go home and let yourself be carried away by the apathy that you feel at those moments, you are not interested in anything at all and all you want is to be left as you are, thank goodness that there is always someone who makes you leave that state with a call or a visit. When you connect with people who truly love you, you gain strength and come out of that tunnel in which you have gotten yourself alone ...

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