How you act when you fall in love?


When we fall in love, each person shows it in a totally different way. Some demonstrate it with great acts and others keep it so deep inside that when they want to release it they have already lost the opportunity. Here we show you how they behave when they are in love according to their zodiac sign:


Aries when you fall in love, you run out of appetite, you don’t have time to do anything other than think about that special person. You spend the day smiling, even if it’s not the right time to do it. You can’t stop remembering those eyes with which that person looks at you, that look so deep that it makes you feel special.

Aries, when you fall in love you are that typical person who cannot stop reading and rereading all the conversations you have had. Aries, you are euphoric and you cannot be still for a minute, you feel a joy that does not fit in your body. Aries, when you are in love it shows both on the outside and on the inside. More smiles and less anger.


Taurus, when you fall in love it shows too much, you put all your routines aside, well you don’t leave them completely, you just park them. You become a much more flexible person wanting to live adventures with that special person. In addition, when you fall in love you realize that your life has made sense, it already had it, but now it is much more marked.

Taurus you are usually quite a serious person, but when you fall in love, you cannot stop smiling, you are less stubborn and you give your arm to twist.  Taurus, when maybe you become a little irresponsible because you put everything aside, to be with that person, no matter what else. You just want to enjoy the moment and your head is now focused on love.


Geminis normally feel different from others, but when you fall in love you feel different about yourself. That is, when you fall in love you notice that something inside you is changing, that you are no longer the same person. Gemini, you feel more attractive than ever, your smile triples and when someone asks you about it, you can’t help but get nervous.

Gemini, you always want to be with friends, but when you fall in love, you have less desire to go out, you just want to spend time with that special person. At least for the first few months. Gemini you are an extremely sociable person, you want everyone to know about that special person, to know how privileged you are to have that person by your side.


Cancer, you have always been a very enamored person, and you always will be. When you fall in love, you usually spend the whole day thinking about that special person that all he does is give you joy. Cancer, when you fall in love you feel like a very privileged person, you even feel that you can die of taste for having been chosen by that person.

Also, when you are in that cloud of love, you finally see that all your illusions are coming to life. Cancer, you see that everything you have always dreamed of is coming true, thanks to that love that you have created with that special person. Cancer, the bad thing is that you do not see further and sometimes things are not as beautiful as you think.


Leo, you’ve always liked looking in the mirror, but when you fall in love, you do it more than usual. You can spend hours and hours in front of the mirror looking for the ideal outfit to meet that person who is doing wonders inside you. Leo, you constantly think about making plans and having thousands of details with your partner.

Leo for you, life has always been the ideal showcase to show yourself to the world, but it is even more perfect if you have someone by your side. You want everyone to know how good you are, how happy your partner makes you, because it has been a long time since you felt that way. You are radiant, look that you normally attract attention, but now you do it much more. Leo falling in love feels great.


Virgo, when you fall in love you can’t stop turning your head around. You are an unimaginative person, but when you fall in love you cannot stop thinking about what you could get to do with that person who raises passions inside you. You begin to mix reality with illusion and that makes you look different, that others see you happier and with much more enthusiasm for life.

Everything is new for you Virgo, you like this new idea that is being created in your mind. That that there is someone in your present and that perhaps it will continue to be in the future, you love it. Virgo, you are a detailed person, but when you fall in love, this triples, you cannot stop surprising that special person, because you believe that this is the best way to show him everything you feel.


Libra, all the balance that you had achieved, when you fall in love disappears. Your whole world turns upside down, but calm down, it’s in a good way. The truth is that when you are in love you do not recognize it at all, but when it happens, you notice that something is changing in your life. Someone is stepping into it and you can’t help but be afraid.

Libra you are a very indecisive person and when you are in love that does not change. You keep doubting everything, but in another way, this time you doubt in the sense that you are afraid of doing something that will cause the other person to run away. That’s why you analyze every word and every moment, to know everything you need to keep that special person close to you, that person who makes you happy.


Scorpio when you fall in love you cannot stop thinking about why that person has not appeared before in your life. You are super happy by his side, as you have never been. It is so much what you feel that it makes you angry not having felt it before. Scorpio, you are a person who has always stayed on the sidelines, you have always tried to go unnoticed when we talk about feelings.

But Scorpio, when you fall in love you go from being in the reserve to the absolute demonstration. You think that that special person, who is making you happy, deserves everything from you and that is why you give it everything. Of course, you will never let them dominate you, but you will give everything you can to maintain that relationship. Scorpios, others will not recognize you.


Sagittarius you are a person who when you love you say it, you are not afraid to express it, you know that if you do not try, you will be left with the desire. You are a person who shows when you are in love, you can not stop smiling and seeing life more beautiful than you already saw it. You think that that special person who has come into your life is a gift, even sometimes you think that you do not deserve so much.

Sagittarius, you are normally afraid to express your feelings, but when you fall in love, your security is doubled and you will not have any fear in letting that special person know how much you feel for them. You are one of those people who prefers to show things, that’s why you will do everything you think is convenient to show your love, you think that words are blown away by the wind.


Capricorn when you fall in love you are more nervous than normal. It is surprising how little by little you can become a sweeter person. Capricorn when you are in love you cannot help but trigger a great curiosity about the interests of that special person. You are quite a hardworking person, but when you really love someone, work is secondary.

Capricorn when you get so involved with someone it is because you are completely in love and want to know everything about that person. You want to know even their flaws, that they will never stop you, they will only help you understand your partner. You would rather know everything from the beginning than take surprises later. Capricorn, when you fall in love, you can become a very loving person, but only just enough and necessary.


Aquarius, you are quite an independent person, so when you fall in love it shows quite a bit. Normally you pretend not to be noticed, but you fight so hard for it that all you do is get more attention. That special person is making you feel different inside, you feel like he is awakening things inside you, things that you have never experienced and you feel very nervous.

Aquarius, when you fall in love you avoid being asked about it, because you have a really bad time, you prefer to take it in private.  You know that the only person who has to know how you feel is your partner. Aquarius, when you fall in love you are still different from others, but in a more special way. You love being it.


Pisces when you fall in love you can seem like the most changeable person in the world. You can get to show everything you feel for that special person or it may also seem that you do not want to know anything about love. Pisces when you fall in love, you do not know very well what you feel, you do not understand your thoughts, you do not know what is happening inside you and you do not like that feeling at all.

But Pisces, when you fall in love, good things also happen. You get carried away with your eyes closed, because you have never been able to trust someone so much. You think that person is the best thing that ever happened to you. Pisces you are radiant with happiness. You are more dreamy than ever, and the best of all is that they are beautiful dreams. Pisces when you fall in love you shine with your own light dazzling everyone who passes by your side.

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