How will you celebrate halloween according to your zodiac sign?


Halloween night also known as Halloween is coming, a night in which emotions and chills are more awake than ever. Each zodiac sign likes to celebrate in their own way tonight, but they all have one thing in common and that is that they will do something terribly fun. Read on if you want to discover how you are going to celebrate Halloween according to your zodiac sign:



Aries, you are always looking for an adventure wherever you go and what better night than Halloween night to do one of them? You are going to have tons of opportunities to increase your adrenaline levels. Halloween night you are going to spend it surrounded by terror, you love plans about haunted houses, ghost tours, horror movie marathons or spending the night in spooky cemeteries.

Aries, knowing you, it is very likely that you will start a fight. On Halloween night everyone is on their nerves and for you a simple breath can get you out of your boxes. You can’t help it, you love to press the button to be the most offensive person in the world, especially during Halloween night.


Taurus, the fact that this year you are not the most partying in the world does not mean that you do not look forward to Halloween night. You love to feel those vibrations that are awakened inside you throughout this day, you have been preparing your pumpkin scented candles for days and all those dark lanterns throughout the house.

You will not want to make big plans, so it is best that you take tonight in peace. Order a pizza and put on your favorite horror movie, that movie that always scares you no matter what time goes by. Taurus, take this day to go back to being the child you were.


Gemini, you love this day, everyone knows it, you love the atmosphere that is lived in all the corners of your city. For you tonight is the best night of the year to create stories to remember for a lifetime. You are one of those people who uses this day to live it to the fullest, you like to meet your friends and spend the whole night partying.

Gemini, this day you have to use it not to think too much, go out and enjoy the company of those people you love so much. Go out and take that child in you for a walk. By the way, don’t forget your sexiest costume, you don’t need much to dazzle everyone, but it will help you ...


Cancer, you love any holiday that has to do with decorating your entire home. When Halloween comes you enjoy yourself like a small child, you go crazy and do not stop doing crafts to be the best decorated house in the whole neighborhood. What you like most about this day is that you see your home with a different touch, a special touch.

Cancer, you really like to dress up in the latest trends, that of people telling you that you are going great, you love it. When the night comes and the first ones start to arrive: “trick or treat”. You go crazy, that feeling of making a child happy with candy fills you with happiness. Gather your best friends and spend tonight together doing what you do best, enjoying life ...


Leo, for you Halloween is synonymous with uncontrolled parties. You don’t like being scared too much, shutting yourself up to watch horror movies with some popcorn doesn’t go much with you. For you Halloween is a simple excuse to forget a bit about your problems and have a good time.

You are very clear that tonight is not made for you, but you take advantage of the best of it. You will devour all the sweets you can and, above all, you will taste each and every one of the different Halloween cocktails that they offer you. Grab the camera and go out with your friends to give it your all.


Virgo, you love it tonight because all your weapons of seduction are awakened. Tonight is your night and you can conquer everything you set your mind to, therefore, you are looking forward to October 31, to show your sexiest side. That seductive vampire look will not resist anything and you know it.

When this day comes, most of your environment is surprised with you. You take the wildest Virgo for a walk, you need to disconnect and put control aside, at least to some extent ... You know you get criticized for it, but you don’t care because you know it’s only one day a year, so let them talk whatever they want…


Libra, with the arrival of Halloween you realize that Christmas is just around the corner and that makes your romantic instinct wake up. You know perfectly well that this day makes you look a little desperate to find that special person you have been waiting for so long, but don’t worry, you know that the next day that will pass you, it is simply an outburst.

Libra, do not get bored by love, everything comes, but not when you want. Take advantage of Halloween and take your most social side for a walk, grab your most terrifying outfit and go out to show that you are still in this world to eat it.


Scorpio, there is no party that suits you more than the Halloween party, you are in your sauce. You love everything that has to do with the dark. That feeling of living in a constant horror movie causes incredible feelings to awaken in you. This day your creativity is triggered, it is more alive than ever and you know how to take advantage of it very well.

You are the sexiest and most passionate sign of the zodiac and tonight is not going to be much less. You are going to leave everyone with their mouths open when you appear with that costume that you have been preparing for so long. Scorpio, enjoy this day, because it is your day and you know it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN SCORPIO!


Sagittarius, for you the Halloween party means a guaranteed party. You can’t conceive of this day without a night out of control with your best friends. Of course, take things slowly, it is not going to be that you give everything from the first second of the day and you no longer have anything to give for the night.

Sagi, you love spending the day doing crafts such as carving pumpkins or hanging ghosts all over the house, you love keeping yourself entertained so that the day passes quickly, because what interests you most about this day is the party that you hit by the evening. Do not hide it, for you Halloween is a riot. Go out, enjoy and live life, but with knowledge ...


Capricorn, you are the most sensible sign of the zodiac, but something inside you always awakens on Halloween, you feel a great curiosity about the spiritual world. You know that there is nothing wrong in investigating a little in this world, especially on a night in which the veil between the earthly and spiritual world is thinner than ever.

Capri, you tend to go hard, to be a person who prefers not to get into that world, but in reality you have great respect for him and that is what prevents you from investigating a little more in him. So take advantage of tonight, because you know that no one will question you. Capri, tonight let that world that gives you so much respect enter your interior.


Aquarius, this day is quite overwhelming for you, you have so many options and so little time that you don’t know where to start. The same thing happens to you every year, what you should do is take it easy and let yourself go. You know that every year you go through the same thing and in the end you end up enjoying it to the fullest, so don’t get overwhelmed.

Aquarius, that ambition that you have throughout this day sometimes makes you not enjoy the little things that he gives you. Try not to want to cover everything and stop to enjoy those little plans, like watching a horror movie with the most special person you have in your life.


Pisces, this day you love it, it allows you to bring out that witch you have inside, you love it because for once you are not that “weirdo.” This day you do not make big plans, you prefer to stay at home and do your own rituals. You are a very mystical person and this is one of your favorite nights of the year. Take advantage of this day and connect with that world that you like so much, it is the best time of the year.

Pisces, in addition to being a bit of a witch throughout this day, you will want to be scared, you love horror movies and you will not hesitate to call those who love this day to enjoy the Halloween party together.

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