How will you act on your wedding day according to your sign?


The big day has arrived, your wedding day ... how will you act according to your sign? It may be that you are made a flan that day, that your nerves betray you, that it is difficult for you to gesture a word, or it may be the opposite, that you feel relaxed and willing or willing to enjoy one of the most important days of your life to the fullest. life. The date of your birth has a lot to do with your personal characteristics, so it is likely that on the day of your marriage you will behave and feel as follows ...


You will go through several different states on your wedding day, and this will depend of course on the moment in which you are Aries. You may start the day with nerves that you will not show with the naked eye, emotion during the ceremony and tranquility to fully enjoy the celebration. If you are already the soul of the party, your wedding day will be no less, you will live each moment as if it were your last and you will never want it to end.


At Taurus, your wedding day must be one of the most special of your life, and it certainly will be, but you will not leave the worry until the last moment because you do not want anything to go wrong. Most likely, you will make it the dream wedding that has always been around your head, but you will not enjoy it as you deserve for this reason. You are happy fulfilling wishes, yours and those of the people you love, and that is why you will think of everyone so that they leave with a good taste in their mouths ...


Gemini, you have a positive nature and an outgoing personality, you love talking about everything with interesting people and you do not usually have any problem when it comes to expressing yourself. However, on your wedding day the opposite will happen to you, you will feel ashamed or embarrassed and a bit strange because all eyes are on you. Once the ceremony and the entrance to the celebration are over, you will relax and begin to enjoy with your partner one of the most beautiful days for both of you.


Cancer, you do not usually express everything you feel just like that, however, on your wedding day you will be the best of the town criers. If you have come to take this step with your partner, it is because you are sure that you want to spend the rest of your days with her, and you will be so happy that you will not care eight or eighty screaming your feelings from the rooftops. Nor will you mind getting excited in front of everyone, that day you will open up so much in the channel that those around you will know a totally unknown part of you.


Leo the day of your wedding you will be on your nerves, but since you know how to hide quite well once the initial entrance passes and you are with your partner, you will relax and begin to enjoy both the ceremony and the celebration. If you are already a flirtatious person, that day you will be handsome or beautiful to rage, you will love receiving compliments and taking thousands of photos for the memory album. You dreamed of this day and nothing and no one can spoil it for you ...


Virgo, if on your wedding day everything does not go as you consider the right way, you will be scared and you will not allow yourself to enjoy everything. You are quite careful or careful with the details and that is why the day you are going to get married everything must be perfect. Of course, you will worry about everything in advance during the preparations, in this way you guarantee your inner harmony for the big day. Taking this step is something very big for you and if you do it it will be in style ...


Your wedding will be like a Libra fantasy story, even if you say you want something simple, you will not skimp when it comes to celebrating it. You do not get married every day and that is why you will throw the house out the window. Despite the normal nerves of this day you will smile more than ever, you will dress to look like the prince or princess of this beautiful love story and you will feel so happy to be able to take another step in the relationship that there will be nothing That could ruin this moment


Most likely, on your wedding day, you will show a part of you that only those closest to you know and that is your picaresque and Scorpio sense of humor. To ease the nerves and avoid crying, you will tell jokes or funny experiences with yours. You are the opposite of what you appear to be Scorpio, very sensitive and heartfelt, and you know that if you let yourself be carried away by your deepest feelings, you will end up in tears. This is a great day, a day to express happiness and joy, which you will do from the moment you get up until you go to bed with your husband or your wife.


Oops Sagittarius, that your wedding day will be an unforgettable day for both the spouses and the guests that is a fact. Internally you will be nervous or nervous during the ceremony, but once you say the yes I want you will enter a state of peace that will allow you to enjoy the moment of the celebration like few others. You will drink and dance hard, you will be as always the soul of the party, but you will also have those romantic moments with your partner in which you will get into a love bubble from which you will not want to leave ...


Capri on your wedding day you will be at a thousand for hours in every way, you will feel nervous before arriving at the place where the ceremony will be held, but once you are there the only thing that will invade you inside will be emotion. Of course you will feel full and happy, but also very fiery and although you have been in a relationship for years when you start your honeymoon, you will be fuming. You will celebrate with your husband or your wife and the people you love, and by being alone you will surrender to passion like never before ...


Your wedding day will be the best party of your life and it is not for less because you will not marry anyone or because Aquarius, if you have taken this step it is because you are sure that the person you love is the right one for you . For this reason you will want to celebrate it in style, you will not miss anything, not the best cocktails and drinks, not the best dishes or the best music to liven up the atmosphere and enjoy like nobody else with your guests. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable day ...


Pisces how tender or how tender you are, as well as sensitive. Your five senses are more than awake and that is why this day will be the best of your life. If you have taken this step it is because you have sneaked into the bones of the person with whom you are about to say yes I want, that is why on your wedding day you will want it to be as magical as the relationship you have created with your future husband or wife. You will get goosebumps Pisces, you will probably get excited on more than one occasion, you will record each moment in your retina and of course, in your heart ...

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