How will the Venus retrograde affect you according to your sign?


This month, more specifically, this week, three different planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus, begin in retrograde. In this case, it is time to talk about the retrograde of Venus, planet of love, which, therefore, its movement will most affect our relationships. Right now, Venus is in the sign Gemini. The word ‘retrograde’ may scare many and it is that, normally, these movements do not usually bring good things to our lives, but even so, it will make us realize many things and help us to reflect. This Wednesday, May 13, this movement begins, ends on June 25, and this is how it will affect you according to your zodiac sign:


During these days, Aries, you better try to control your tongue and the way you communicate. Above all, take your time when you feel like you need to have conversations that involve feelings, and don’t forget to listen carefully to what the other person is saying to you. Venus retrograde can lead to misinterpretation of words, so it is best to be clear and concise. Without even realizing it, you will see yourself interacting through social networks with a person from the past. Venus will reactivate some parts of your past, so be careful if you do not want a certain person to return to your life, because you may be tempted.


As Venus is your ruling planet, its effects on you will be much more visible than on other signs. Venus retrograde is a period when you are going to reevaluate your worth. Taurus, more than being something that will affect your relationships with others, it will affect the relationship you have with yourself. Be very careful with money, with your expenses. Take care of your bank account to the maximum and try to completely eliminate all the expenses that are not necessary. Venus is going to teach you a lesson, it is going to remind you that the material does not last forever, that you are not rich because of the more money you have, but because of the more things you know and the more love you have.


Venus is currently transiting your sign, so this will also affect you a lot. Venus makes you focus as much as possible on your self-love, on your self-esteem, on the way you see yourself. You are always aware of others, more than you would like and rarely do you take care of yourself, Gemini. A certain toxic ghost from the past may reappear in your life, in fact, it has been giving you signals for a long time. If you have the self-esteem that you need so much, there is no doubt that this ghost will not even have the nose to say hello to you. Do not let these types of people sink you and throw away everything you have learned these months.


Venus retrograde for you, Cancer, is a double-edged sword, you have to be careful. It may grow that long-stagnant self-esteem, but on the other hand, it can turn your mind and your feelings into a crazy roller coaster again. A certain person you loved in the past comes back to your mind, without realizing it and unconsciously your mind goes back to having thoughts about that person. You don’t know how much this can affect you right now in your life. Be careful and to avoid more drama, remember that with that person you also experienced bad things, do not stay only with the good. Make sure your feet are on the ground at all times and your eyes are wide open.


It is time to think about what you want and not what others want. Leo , you have to start being much more sincere, you have to make things clear, whether for better or for worse. Take this period to reflect, but do it for real and when you are done with it, say what your reflection has been. There is a person who is waiting for an answer and to be honest, Leo, is starting to get tired. Do not demand too much, neither from yourself, nor from your partner. During this time you will have to solve a certain problem in your relationship. Remember, Leo, the more sincere you are, the less problems you will have in the future.


You need to be clearer about your goals, Virgo. If you’re going to go for one thing, go for it to the death, as you normally do. Don’t let Venus retrograde distract you and make you think about other things that are not necessary right now. These weeks you will have to do your best and stay as focused as possible. Take out your critical eye and start reviewing everything: your work, your plans, your relationships. And above all, Virgo, take care of your relationships. A problem related to this social distancing will arise out of nowhere. Try to do things that keep you attached to that person, no matter how far you are physically from it.


Your ruling planet in retrograde, Libra, makes you reflect, but this time more than ever. And it is that you have been enduring a situation for a few weeks that is beginning to fill your patience. Your mind begins to ask many questions, more than necessary and that can become dangerous for you. Don’t get caught up in your thoughts, Libra, it doesn’t suit you. And, above all, do not waste time or energy on people who you know will not be in your life long term. It is difficult to accept reality, but it is necessary. And if you doubt, don’t be afraid to ask. You know that there is a person who owes you several answers.


Venus retrograde gives you the opportunity to reflect on experiences that you lived in the past with a certain relationship. But, above all, Venus asks you to take control again, both in your relationships, at work or in that commitment that you have left aside in recent months. Before you act, Scorpio, make sure you are very sure of what you are going to do. Venus retrograde can make you screw up on things you could have saved yourself. Be especially careful with blockages, both emotional and professional. Don’t stress about things that don’t depend on you and don’t try to control things that are uncontrollable.


It’s time to think about whether your relationship has everything you need or not. Venus retrograde comes to shake your relationships, to give a blow of reality in them. Sagittarius, what you give is the same as what you receive? Is what you feel for your partner the same as what she feels for you? Answer those questions in your mind, Venus invites you to reflect on them. You may start to notice some insecurity related to a love story that you lived in the past, especially if you are single right now. Loneliness will make you remember things, awaken your most romantic feeling, and may cloud your vision. Be careful, Sagi ...


Venus forces you to change a certain routine that is not making you feel comfortable with your life and with what you have in it right now. It is time to make changes to feel better about yourself, so that your self-esteem better. Change your habits, Capricorn, and force yourself to love yourself. It is time to practice by example and put into practice the advice that you always give to others. You have been carrying something from the past for a long time and these days that weight will be much better. Venus retrograde will put you to the test and you have to be brave and strong enough to shed that weight before it’s too late.


Everything seems to be going more or less well, it seems that little by little you are recovering your essence. But don’t trust yourself, Aquarius, because retrogrades always bring back something from the past. And the truth is that it may make you wobble your emotions a bit. It all depends on you and how you act and respond. It is very possible that these days you will receive a message that I leave you in shook, a message to which you are dying to respond. But, Aquarius, does that person really deserve that answer? Don’t let Venus retrograde cloud your vision and lead you into dangerous temptations. Focus as much as possible on yourself, your family, your work and, above all, your bank account.


Venus can make you a little stickier than you should, Pisces. During these days, you feel like you need more love and more attention than you normally need. And that can lead you to have arguments with people you love very much. Venus is going to make you stress a lot about things that are almost unimportant, that your feelings are on the surface and that is why things affect you more than necessary. Take care of your words these days, Pisces, very much. Above all, more than your words, take care of the way you say them. People may misunderstand them and you may not use the correct forms. This is no time to screw it up anymore.

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