How will the lunar eclipse affect a sagittarius?


A lunar eclipse occurs when the light of the full moon is blocked by the shadow of the earth and on June 5, we have a penumbral eclipse in degree 15 of Sagittarius. This eclipse is full of energy. Sagi is a sign that needs expansion, change, and often mindlessly “shoots” in any direction. It is like fire that no one can control. Eclipses give us the opportunity to reevaluate our lives. They bring out shady aspects of us and the rest and in some way, they give us the opportunity to change them (if we are honest with ourselves and we really see them). You have to understand that there are things that are better to put on standby before making hasty and wrong decisions.

An eclipse magnifies everything, revolutionizes ideas, acts, movements, events, and on some occasions, common sense seems to disappear. That is why it is good to be as objective as possible in everything. Neither good is so good, nor bad is so bad. Nothing is what it seems. And Sagi is a sign that needs to be brought out, a sign that radiates energy, that cannot feel imprisoned and that also proclaims the search for truth, knowledge, information ... The cocktail of these two energies can be very powerful and it can bring to light a dark reality of the world we live in. Reality is marked by the lunar eclipse, the desire to discover it, Sagittarius.

Many people can feel too sensitized by everything that surrounds them in the days before and after and with a strong feeling that they are not free to express what they feel. Family may be missed because of the need for protection and security. In the end, the moon is associated with the unconscious, with the mother, with the home, and it can touch us. If there are wounds that have not yet healed, you have to wait and not think that everything ends here. Lunar eclipses are strong to bring back the past, and above all, to childhood.

It is a good time to attend to our inner world, our emotions, our pain ... And not try to change it, but flow with it ... Because it will happen, however it will happen.

If this eclipse comes into your life shaking it too much, you may have to make an important decision, perhaps you should close a chapter that causes you pain or express feelings that have been silenced by yourself or by others.

Ideally, you will see in which house of your Astral Chart this transit is located to find out much more about how it will affect you. Still, we show you how it will affect your Sun sign.

Aries: You have to heal old Aries wounds, at times you will feel strong pangs that encourage you to change the chip. Let your emotions stay, pass and then go away. Don’t force anything. Just as they arrived, they will leave. The past sometimes hurts.

Taurus: You feel like you live in a world where nothing is fair. There is rebellion in your veins and the desire to change many things.

Gemini: You have hope that everything can change, and also the strength to do so, Gemini. Now, if you don’t like something, change it.

Cancer: You will have a good speech facility but you will feel a little misunderstood and that will frustrate you at times.

Leo: If you rush, you may make decisions based on ultimatums. Watch out.

Virgo: You will understand that you must protect someone who may not be having a good time. And it has to be you.

Libra: You need a good conversation with an important person in your life and understand that with one it has to be enough to decide yes, or no.

Scorpio:  You will focus on your things, someone may get a little on your nerves. You need organization and right now, routine (not monotony).

Sagittarius: You can collide with a family member. It is up to you to let go or get fully into the problem. Remember the eclipse. Nothing is what it seems, everything is magnified. In a few days it will pass, but don’t get muddy.

Capricorn: You feel agitated Capri, angry and wanting to put more than one in their place. The time will come.

Aquarius: You will be more introspective. You have to think many things. And they are not easy.

Pisces: Beware of the desire for war. If there is something that bothers you, Pisces escape, go away. Remember that the eclipse takes things out of us that we are not in our day to day.

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