How will the full moon in may affect you according to your sign?


This Thursday, May 7, the last Supermom of this 2020 occurs. A Supermom is a Full Moon that is much closer to Earth, therefore, it can be seen much larger and brighter than a normal Full Moon. In particular, this Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. This fixed water sign is closely related to the inner world, to emotions, to secrets. The energy of the Full Moon can be positive, but it can also have its negative aspects. It can reopen many wounds that seemed to be closed, awaken hidden feelings and tell us secrets that can hurt us. This Moon is coming to shake up our routine completely. In particular, it will especially affect the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio and Pisces. How will it affect you according to your sign?


You are at a time when intensity takes over your life. You are asking yourself thousands of questions and rethinking many things. It is likely that the Moon makes you feel that you have not overcome certain things that you thought you did. This Moon will reawaken that past and make you miss things that you had before and not now. The Moon illuminates truths to you, but it can confuse you a lot. As a tip, Aries, let the energy flow. Although at first it hurts, later it will be a relief.


This Moon affects you especially as we continue in your season. The Full Moon will make you a little more nervous than normal, Taurus. You’re trying to be patient with a lot of people, but you can’t, Taurus. During these days you will feel that you are going against the world and that nobody is valuing you enough. You are feeling that you give more than anyone else and that they do not even thank you. Be extremely careful, Taurus, and don’t make big decisions based on your impulsiveness. During these days you are going to face reality and you have to be prepared for it.


To you especially, Gemini, this Full Moon is going to make you rethink a lot of things. Your feelings have been transforming for a long time. This Moon is going to illuminate certain emotional problems, Gemini, and it is going to finally give you that impulse to tackle what worries you so much. Be careful with the toxic, Gemini, because you can end up hooking on it sooner than you know. This Moon is going to give you a very important opportunity that you have to know how to take advantage of… It is going to help you to see the truth, to see what is convenient for you. Be brave now that you can.


You must also be careful with this Full Moon, Cancer, because like Scorpio, you are water signs, very emotional. In addition, your ruling star is the Moon, so all its movements affect you more than anyone else. This Moon takes you into a deep sea of feelings, both positive and negative. It is possible that a little self-destructive ideas come to your head. You’ll have to stop him if you don’t want it to get worse, Cancer. The Moon illuminates many sectors of your life that were hidden and can harm you, but, in the end, Cancer, it was necessary.


Especially in you, Leo, this Full Moon is going to reopen certain wounds that you, innocently, thought were more than healed. You will have the dangerous temptation to write to a certain person, to put your feelings back on the table. Be very careful and try to control this extra impulsiveness that the Moon gives you. Although you feel that you have to do it, you know deep down that it does not suit you. You have to understand that falling into these temptations again is a mistake in the present. Do not stay only with the positive, Leo, think about how much you suffered at the time ...


During these days, Virgo, it is very possible that some hidden realities and feelings will come to light. Above all, feelings that also involve another person. You will have to make an important decision, which marks a before and after. The Moon asks you to be careful and not to cling to past mistakes, to wounds that are still open. It is time to ask for forgiveness, even if it is difficult, Virgo. This Moon can have a very positive effect on you. Even if it makes you look back at the past, it is simply to make you realize what you did wrong and to try to learn from it.


The Full Moon can bring many ups and downs to your life, Libra, especially to your emotions. You have tired of sitting idly by waiting for miracles to fall from the sky. This Full Moon in Scorpio awakens your most impulsive side and, above all, your most passionate side. Emotionally, you will feel like a roller coaster inside your body. Libra, you are at a time when there is so much intensity in your mind that you don’t even understand yourself. But, on the other hand, you will get carried away by impulsiveness and you may end up sending a certain message to your crush or that you will drop certain intentions. You will see if that is what you want now or not.


You already know that this Moon is going to affect you especially because it is in your sign. Be very careful, Scorpio, you more than anyone because its effects on you will be multiplied by two, both positive and negative. Certain chapters of the past can reopen and become part of your present. Beware of playing with fire and temptation, because you know what always ends up happening in the end. If the past is part of the past, it is for something. You feel that there is someone who wants to meet again in your life, and you are curious, you want to know what happens. As advice, stand up, Scorpio, do not go back down those roads ...


This Full Moon, Sagittarius, awakens your most melancholic side. It may make you a little sad if you don’t know how to control that melancholy. It will make you see clearly that you are missing a lot of all. The past returns to your life in the form of memories. You start to think about those decisions you made, if they were the right ones or not. But this Moon can also have positive effects on your life. It will illuminate the path you should take, it will give you clues about what you should do and what not. The past returns, but you have to be clear if you want to move forward or want to stay stuck in it.


You have your feelings and your hormones turned upside down, Capricorn. Be careful because the Moon will make you remember certain words and certain moments with a special person. I knew that that person hurt you, but from now on, you will be aware of everything that really happened. The Moon illuminates sectors that were hidden, secrets and mysteries that seemed never to be uncovered. But look, these days more than one person is going to lose his mask, Capricorn. It will hurt, it is obvious, it is not easy to find out that someone is betraying. But you know that it is better to find out about this now than not later ...


Be careful with the dramas of the past that come to light thanks to the Full Moon, or those rumors that make you see yourself involved in a certain drama that does not suit you at all, Aquarius. Be careful with certain situations that are beginning to repeat themselves, with bad habits that are about to return to your life. During these days, to avoid becoming toxic, remind yourself of what makes you happy in the present. Do not be carried away by temptation, Aquarius, because you are strong. Because it has cost you a lot to let go of the negative and now you can screw it up again.


This Full Moon in Scorpio, a water sign like you, makes you swim in a sea of feelings. Its intensity can affect you more than anyone else and you have to be very careful with what you do, say and think during these days. You can fall very deep if you do not control your mind and if you let yourself be carried away by the intensity of the Moon. The past returns to the present and when there are memories in between, Pisces, you become a very vulnerable person, you know, that is your little weakness. This Moon can bring you memories that destabilize you at this moment, but you have to remind yourself that you must always be strong, no matter the circumstances. Things are not like before.

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