How Will Scorpio Season Change Everything?


We are not living in easy times. Mars and Mercury are retrograde and that is making us feel like we are going uphill all the time. With these retrograde movements, we feel as if everything is going backward as if everything is suddenly going backward instead of moving forward. They are generating a lot of confusion in our relationships, many last-minute changes, misunderstandings when communicating, mistakes that make our day go wrong, etc ... But the Scorpio season comes to change everything.

We are in luck, because this Friday, October 23, everything gives changes. We leave behind the Libra season, a peaceful, calm, and indecisive sign, to make way for the Scorpio season, a deep, mysterious, and intense sign. Now is the time to dive into the world of feelings and emotions. This week, the side that loves the dark and enjoys the danger will be awakened. Enjoy because it is the perfect time to add a touch of passion to your sex life and to take another step in THAT relationship. It is important that in the next thirty days you pay a lot of attention to your intuition, now more than ever.

Although it is the season of Scorpio, it also affects the rest of the signs of the Zodiac. Read on to see how the energy of the Sun in Scorpio is going to make you feel in the next few days. Scorpio season comes to change everything.


Aries, it’s time to start improving the relationship you have with your intuition. You know it’s kind of a weird love-hate kind of thing. You pay attention when it suits you and when you know that you are going to benefit, but if not, you spend a lot of it. With the Scorpio season, it’s important to pay attention to the signals your gut is sending you.

Do not suppress absolutely anything.

These last weeks you have lived difficult moments ... Things are not going to calm down, in fact, Scorpio can revolutionize everything even more. Everything will come to fruition if you let yourself be carried away by your intuition, Aries. Normally you are already someone intense, but now, with the energy of the scorpion, multiply it by a thousand.


You have to express yourself, bring out your fears, your concerns. You know you have to do something to improve your lifestyle, but you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You are afraid that people will laugh at you for bringing your most vulnerable side to light, but you have to get that idea out of your head. Express yourself in every way and let it all flow.

It’s time to let off steam, Taurus.

Take advantage of the energy of Scorpio to let go, to let go of all those feelings. Free yourself to the fullest. Right now you need a lot of warmth and a lot of support from your people and it is possible that from now on you will return to contact with a person who is still very special to you.


For you, Gemini, this Scorpio season is going to make things change a lot. You feel like everything is going against you. Not only people, but also technology, your work, your feelings, even your own mind. You have to start to understand that this is only temporary and that it is all the fault, in part, of Mercury retrograde. With the entry of the Sun in Scorpio, your energy will be stronger, more intense, more fighting, but you have to be careful with those high-intensity levels.

It is to be expected that, during these 30 days, you may have an attack of jealousy towards someone or that you lose your way due to your insecurities. This season will bring out your darker side, but it will also make you reborn and start to change everything.


You are working harder than ever and you want the damn time to recognize your effort. Right now, Cancer, you want to make a difference. Scorpio season is coming to get you in touch with your darker side again. I said, Cancer, now you want to make yourself noticed and for this, you are going to stomp. You want to experiment with your look, make the odd change. A part of you does it so that others look at you and know that you are here and another because you want to get rid of everything bad and leave it behind.

These days your temperamental side will be on FIRE and right now you are willing to fight for the things that matter most to you. You will fight to find your place in the world again.


You get back in touch with your roots, Leo. These weeks ago you have struggled a lot, to the point that you have realized that all this was in vain. With the Sun in Scorpio, you will receive a reality check that tells you to really focus on what makes you happy. You miss that feeling that runs through your body when you feel at home.

Scorpio asks you to remember who you are, where you come from, and where you are going.

These weeks there will be a lot of intensity in your body, to the point that you may argue with the people you love the most. You will not argue with the intention of hurting anyone, you just want to make things clear. Now, Leo, trust in your ability to solve all the problems that arise.


When the Sun enters Scorpio, you have to be very careful with the way you communicate and say things. ALWAYS think before you speak and stop to listen to what others have to say to you. Do not lock yourself in your thoughts and your stubbornness. If you don’t understand someone’s behavior or attitude, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t pretend to know something you have no idea about.

Everything intensifies much more with the season of Scorpio. Inside, there is something that is eating you little by little and that is consuming your patience. It is time to be sincere to the fullest, Virgo, to speak the truth to your face. It is time to talk about your feelings without fear. Let it be what it has to be. You have never been a coward because now less.


We say goodbye to your season, Libra. Despite having been your moment, it has been a very strange few weeks and the truth is that you want it to end. From now on, your feelings will be much more intense. It depends on you whether it is a positive or negative intensity. Now more than ever you want emotional company, you want to find a person who is by your side in a super loyal way. Before all that, Libra, it is important that you express yourself and be sincere.

If you have a partner or the occasional crash, don’t be afraid to confess your intentions. You’re not going to get anything if you just sit idly by. It is good that you talk about what you want and what you don’t want, that you express your concerns. Things do not fall from the sky and you know that better than anyone.


Congratulations, Scorpio! You are finally here, finally, the Sun is in your sign. As we have already said, the Scorpio season is coming to change everything. And now, it’s time to shine more than ever, to fight until the end of the day. All eyes are on you, so you may feel a bit confused and intimidated. You are afraid of failing people who have high expectations of you.

Now, Scorpio, you look back and miss many people who are no longer part of your life. On these dates that are so important to you, you will feel great nostalgia in your heart. There is no doubt that you will take advantage of all those feelings that are awakening within you to spend more time with your people. It is important that you disconnect from everything and ask yourself many questions, Scorpio.


A super intense season begins, Sagittarius, and you have been smelling it for weeks. At times, you want to disappear from the world, to get into your bubble, and not know anything about anyone. Your more hidden side has been telling you for weeks that you need time for yourself and to look within. During the Scorpio season, you will ask yourself a lot of questions related to those strong feelings that are within you.

Your subconscious these days will send you many signals.

It is not surprising that you have strange dreams or that you dream about that person that you are trying to forget. Pay attention, Sagittarius, because all of that means something. You’re going to open your eyes and you’re going to see things that you don’t like a hair but that you needed to see.


You don’t stop fighting for a single second, Capricorn. This year it seems that things come one after another and you don’t even have time to catch your breath. You are getting stronger, stronger than ever. With the entrance of the Sun in Scorpio, intensity is in the air. It is important that you be very careful with lies, with mind games.

There is someone trying to mess you up and you, who are not the least bit stupid, know that they are trying to deceive you. Look Capricorn, these days if you have to get serious with someone, go for it. It is time to make things clear so that no one takes advantage of anyone. You’re getting closer than ever to the new normal, so be patient, Capri.


It is time to go to the root of the problem, Aquarius, and to settle once everything that is making you suffer. Scorpio is going to give you a lot of emotional intensity and a strong impulse to get straight to the point and put an end to all that toxic story that you don’t like a bit. You have to be careful because that intensity can also work against you. Now you feel very vulnerable and you will not be able to contain yourself when you see some injustice.

Despite everything you are going to feel these days, always try to keep your feet on the ground and, most importantly, try to admit everything you feel. When you go with the truth ahead, Aquarius, things cannot go wrong.


The Scorpio season, in one way or another, is going to give you those forces that you are lacking right now. You know that now more than ever you have to be constant and Scorpio will help you to be. If there is something that is screwing you up a lot now, you will have enough cold blood to put it aside and move forward with your head held high. You are no longer vulnerable, Pisces, quite the opposite.

Now you have the strength to move forward, but on the other hand, Scorpio also invites you to look inward and pay more attention to your feelings. In the next few days, you will think a lot more about everything. You will think so much, Pisces, that in the end, you will make the decision to transform yourself. You’re going to open your eyes and realize that it’s time to move your ass.

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