How will retrograde mercury affect you in june?


Mercury also joins all the retrograde movements that are already in the cosmos as of Thursday 18th. We remember that the planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are already in retrograde. And, in addition, on June 23, Neptune also joins them. Quite busy days are approaching, above all, related to emotions, with our way of communicating with others. This Mercury retrograde occurs in Cancer, which will be much more emotional and sensitive than the previous ones, but it will not be for as much as you imagine. It will also have its good things and its moments in which you can get the most out of it. Read on to find out how it will affect you according to your zodiac sign:


For you, Aries, Mercury retrograde forces you to do something that you do not like very much ... It asks you to please go much slower in everything and think a lot before acting. You are a person with a lot of energy in your body and you have to get it out of you whatever it is. But Mercury makes everything go much crazier, and even, that you believe that everything you do, you are doing it wrong. Therefore, Aries, the best thing right now is to relax a little, control your temper and avoid any kind of confrontation with the people you love so much and, above all, with the people you live with. It is time to delve into your feelings, Aries. Mercury brings back the past and you are going to have to reflect on certain decisions that you made a long time ago.


For you, Taurus, Mercury retrograde is usually quite a difficult period. You like to have everything under control, you like that all your plans are fulfilled and that everything goes as you had thought. But during these days, everything is going to be completely the opposite. Several plans are going to be canceled and things are not going to turn out just the way you want them to. You have to try to stay calm and not stress over these little details. Taurus, from now on you are going to reflect a lot, more to start giving the bogeyman much more thought in many aspects. Above all, you are going to think if really all your relationships are as stable as you would like. You are going to make sure that all the people in your life really want to be there or are just about to be. You are going to ask yourself many questions, some you will find the answer and others, you will be left with the doubt ...


Mercury retrograde tends to affect you much more, Gemini, because it is your ruling planet. These moves are very challenging for you and you know it. During the next few days you will feel very misunderstood, but not because of others, but because in your mind you do not know how to manage all those thoughts. You don’t know how to form the perfect speech to express yourself. It is very likely that, from now on, everything in your life will be too confusing, that there are thousands of misunderstandings, that you will meet people who cannot read between the lines and that you will realize that there are certain relationships that are no longer for you. The best thing you can do these days, Gemini, to save yourself trouble, is to meditate. Connecting with your mind, with your inner self, will be great for you. When everything is so confusing, it is best to look for answers within yourself.


This Mercury retrograde happens in your sign, Cancer, therefore, you will feel the effects of this movement much more in you. And it is that already, you have been noticing the effects of its shadow for a long time. You are in a moment of maximum confusion. In the face of others, you try to show confidence, you even try to convince yourself that you have everything very clear and that your feelings know what they want. But your mind and your heart know not. Mercury comes to confuse you much more. It is important that you try to communicate as well as possible, especially in your relationship, and that you do not keep things to yourself. If you do, this is going to be worse than you think. You need not to suppress your feelings right now. Mercury makes everything very complicated when it comes to communicating and if you also shut up when you shouldn’t, Cancer, it may be a real chaos.


Mercury retrograde will make you lock yourself in your own world and make it difficult for you to get out of there. That also means that you will have much more pride than ever, which is quite dangerous. The occasional misunderstanding will arise, partly because of you, Leo, but you will be unable to accept that you are not always right. Calm down, Leo, you need a lot of calm and perhaps it will be good for you to disconnect from the world and reflect a lot more about your actions. With yourself, try to put that pride aside, no one is going to judge you, no one is going to ask you for explanations. The more time you spend with yourself, Leo, the less likely you are to end up in dramas that don’t suit you. Give yourself time, don’t rush for anything and, above all, if you don’t feel like doing something, don’t do it. If you invest this time for yourself,


Like Gemini, Mercury retrograde can affect you a lot, as it is also your ruling planet. In addition, you, Virgo, are a person who needs order and meaning in your day to day life and that when things start to fail out of nowhere or plans are canceled without prior notice, you can get very nervous. And that’s just what usually happens when Mercury is in retrograde. Those interruptions, those last minute problems, unbalance your inner peace and make you bring out your most dangerous side. In addition, during these days you will feel much more sensitive than normal, things will affect you twice and that will make everything much more difficult for you. But you can also take advantage of this. Virgo, take the opportunity to solve those sentimental problems that you have with yourself.


You have been noticing its effects for days, noticing how you want more to be with yourself than with others, Libra. And it is that, Mercury retrograde unbalances your inner balance and makes you not even able to support yourself. These days you will not be satisfied with anything, you want everything and at the same time you do not want anything. You look for explanations, but then you don’t want to hear them. You feel that the world is an unfair place, where no one is able to value what they have. During these days, you will be more tired than ever, not only physically, but also mentally. It will cost you a thousand to concentrate to fulfill your responsibilities. And all because of what you have inside your head. Libra, you are looking for peace, joy, optimism, but during these days it will be difficult. Still, don’t give up and try to force yourself to smile and think positive.


You fear Mercury retrograde very much because you know that it comes to revolutionize everything. It does not give you a good thorn and that is worse for you, Scorpio, because you suggest everything. During these days, you will feel that you are not able to understand yourself. That there are times when you want one thing and then another. You are more changeable and unpredictable than ever. But this does not affect only you, but also the people around you, your relationships. Because they don’t even know what to expect from you anymore. Scorpio, so that there are no problems, try to keep all those thoughts to yourself, try to think about things much more and look for an answer in your mind. When Mercury passes, it will be time to share all your doubts with others and make a decision if necessary. In the meantime,


You, who are a person with a very free spirit, during Mercury retrograde it is like you feel trapped inside your world. You need to escape, you need to flee and you can’t, Sagittarius, that’s what hurts you the most. From now on you begin to notice how the routine weighs more than necessary and how you begin to overwhelm yourself within it. Mercury can cause feelings of frustration and stress within you. It is important that you try to control yourself, even if it is VERY difficult. The best thing now is that you do not let yourself be carried away by your impulses and that you do not bring your temperament to light. The atmosphere is very tense, Sagittarius, with nothing that sparks a spark, a big fire can already form. Therefore, in closed mouth, flies do not enter. You will have to fight a lot not to bring that character to light.


Mercury retrograde can bring difficult and unexpected challenges for you, Capricorn. During these days, you will feel like your patience is being tested. You will feel like you are no longer able to bear so much nonsense as before, as if all of a sudden all your patience has been reduced to 1%. With Mercury retrograde, you can become very frustrated, especially in your personal relationships and in your love relationship, if you are in one right now. It is important to find the middle ground and much more now. Don’t keep it all to yourself, Capri, or be extremely direct with your words. Your feelings, do not let them rot in there and your complaints, do not let everyone know what is bothering you. It is important to know how to walk away when you feel that you need to.


From now on, Aquarius, it is very likely that you will feel a complete change of energies and that everything within you will revolutionize more than necessary. You want to change everything completely, but with Mercury retrograde it is better to leave your hands still. You can feel more rebellious and impulsive than usual and you must be very careful with that. Above all, Aquarius, be very careful with the past, because it returns to your life and can present you with a very dangerous temptation. Something or someone that you struggled to overcome, come back and put the honey on your lips. Please, Aquarius, act with reason and do not let yourself be carried away by the tension of the moment. Above all, even if things are turned upside down, don’t be afraid to ask for advice, to seek a second opinion. It is better to think things over before letting yourself be carried away by your feelings.


The level of mental stress that you can feel these days can be very great, Pisces, especially if you don’t put your feet on the ground before your time. During these days, when Mercury retrograde begins, you will suddenly feel like everyone comes to you to leave their problems in your hands. Your empathy is going to make you connect too much with certain problems, Pisces, that they even start to hurt you too. A feeling of guilt will begin to flood your body. Without knowing why, you start to feel guilty about something that does not even depend on you. The chaos that will be in your mind will be incredible, Pisces, but everything has a solution. First of all, don’t make more drama than it is. With Mercury retrograde, it’s easy to overdo it and indulge in toxic behaviors.

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