How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Scorpio?


Mercury retrograde has begun and it is in Scorpio so, you have to be prepared for change, for transformation, and for rebirth. If you have noticed that everything around you has somehow been falling apart, plans have fallen, misunderstandings have been the order of the day or you have even had some kind of mishap with something related to technology, blame it on Mercury retrograde.

This time, his shadow (in the days leading up to October 14) has felt much stronger for being in a sign as intense as Scorpio. Mercury will inspire us to investigate, to understand what our motivations are now, what our true purpose is. It is very likely that it is a somewhat confusing moment in your life (in the end its energy envelops us all) and to a greater or lesser extent, you have been thinking about what you want to do with your life now, where you should invest your savings or even if you should move quickly from the place you are. Troubled and complicated times are coming, and November will be a key month for everyone (astrologically it will dictate where the markets, the system, life will move ...) so, try not to do anything now, not to rush into your decision. decisions and tries to postpone signatures,

Mercury is closely related to our mental activity, with our agility, with siblings, with travel, with communication, with technology… And when it goes backward, its power also slows down. Therefore, the best thing right now is to force ourselves to be patient, pay a lot of attention to the fine print and details if we have to sign some kind of agreement or think everything very well before making important decisions. As time goes by, his strength will be less intense but do not get lost.

Although its energy is common to every living being on the planet, we are going to delve a little deeper into each sign and understand how it affects each one of them:

Aries: You will have to be very careful with family fights. Either the world does not understand you or it is that you do not express yourself as you really want to. Let’s see Aries, this is a mixture of the two because Mercury affects us all. The best thing in these cases is to spend a little and not enter the rag. Sometimes it is better to have peace than to be right and deep down, you don’t want to be wrong with anyone.

Taurus: Your emotions can overflow Taurus, and you can cry a lot because you have too much inside ... Seriously, even if people think you are made of stone, all this is too big for you. Your head does not stop spinning at everything and the unstable future makes you stagger. Beware of jealousy Taurus, you are more than that. You have in your mind too many things recorded that right now, you can not forget.

Gemini: Beware of Gemini misinterpretations and deception. You will have that feeling that you need to know things, find out about something that somehow they are hiding from you ... The truth is that, personally, it seems that things do not work out for you. You do not understand why they do not answer you and they are clear to you. And we don’t just talk about love. You need to have a small order of everything in your life, but now everything is in the air.

Cancer:  If you had a project that seemed to be going “smooth sailing” now, because you are not so clear about it, Cancer. But be careful, you don’t have to send it all to shit either. Wait a bit. Mercury is turning everything upside down and it is probably due to a lack of communication. Sit down with whoever you have the problems with and don’t take things so seriously. Everything has a solution.

Leo: Although during this time you have that need to “get revenge” on a Leo person, this is not the time to do it. With retro Mercury, you can have temptations of some kind especially, due to lack of attention and understanding of who you want to really understand. Beware of dramatic fights and mind games. They lead to nothing, only to destroy.

Virgo: Strong arguments are coming Virgo but believe me that deep down it will only be to get something important that has been “eating” inside for a long time. This is likely just transformative as if you somehow have to get everything out of the way to start from scratch. If you feel lonely, start making some decisions that do you good instead of leaving everything in the hands of the rest. Beware of the temptations to commit acts that you would not do at another time.

Libra: They are going to find you Libra, they need you. But it is up to you to make the decision to do things and to help others. Perhaps it is time to look a little more for yourself and not give as much. Not for nothing if not because there are people who also do not appreciate it, and that is not right. Retro Mercury will make you very sensitive and that you will probably get into fights that you would go through completely at another time. Try not to burn yourself too much, tempers are a bit heated.

Scorpio: You can have some strong fights with a family member. As if everything he did or said gets on your nerves. The energy of Mercury affects us all so please try to be fair with everything and give everyone the place they deserve in your life. And cut yourself when going to hurt Scorpio because when you want, you hurt too much. And perhaps sometimes it is inordinate damage.

Sagittarius: You do not understand anything that is happening to you lately and that the truth is that it overwhelms you. Your plans begin to fall, your order too. If you had something that seemed more or less stable, suddenly, bang, it changes overnight and it seems that when you do things better, everything around you begins to fall. You may at times have the impression of sending everything to hell and letting yourself go with whatever comes. And possibly, that you will ... Be that as it may, try to see the bright side of things ... Even if it costs.

Capricorn: There is a lot of chaos and a lot of uncertainty within you Capri, you may not be able to with some strong pressure that comes and you have to make important decisions but this time, ask for help and advice. It is clear that one of the things you hate the most is that, asking for help from others but you should do it, at least to clear some important doubts. We are in a bad moment Capri but it will end up happening. Of course, now not everything is possible when you want to, relax and be patient. More than ever.

Aquarius:  Mercury Retrograde affects all of us Aquarius but in this case communication with some people will be a bit chaotic. The best thing, that you separate yourself a little from toxic people right now because believe me that nothing will end well if you get into absurd discussions. You are going to feel a little “lost” in almost all areas of your life, with a thousand doubts about whether what you do is right or not. You would love that some people understand what you are going through but there are people who are still anchored in the past. With rancor and rage.

Pisces: Try not to think things that are not. If you feel like you want or need to know something, ask directly and make no assumptions. Really, now is not the time. Everything can be made bigger than it really is by any misinterpretation. Perhaps there is an important fight in the family nucleus and it may even that anxiety can manifest itself in you because of all this. Breathe, relax Pisces and let these days pass ...

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