How will mercury retrogade affect virgo?


The third phase of Mercury retrograde of this year 2019 begins just on October 31, also coinciding with the season of Scorpio. It’s a somewhat tough season overall for all signs. Everyone begins to feel like things don’t turn out just the way they wanted, like misunderstandings come out of nowhere, like the world is going against them. In addition, you have to be careful because it is a season in which it is convenient not to sign important contracts and not make risky decisions.

Be very careful with your mind because during these days, with Mercury retrograde, it can wander too much. You always give things a thousand turns, Virgo, but now you will give even more. You will get to hear or discover things that you will not like a single hair and they will make you jump on the defensive to defend what is yours. But no, Virgo, even if you lose your famous patience, try to control yourself. Despite all this, keep your head high and do not get involved in dramas that do not suit you right now.

Also, Mercury is your ruling planet and that will make this movement affect you quite a bit. To be honest, Virgo, everything will be chaos and that does not mean anything good to you. They will be complicated days, but try to organize your life as well as possible and clarify those ideas that have been a little scattered. Now is when you have to put everything on fire, Virgo, when you have to demonstrate that intelligence that characterizes you so much.

You will not feel comfortable with yourself and you may even feel that you are betraying yourself. What for you normally is routine, order and normality, with Mercury retrograde turns into chaos, uncertainty and fear. But to get out of this, Virgo, the best thing you can do is keep your feet on the ground. Even when bad days come, you are strong, do you know? This is simply one more challenge that life puts before you.

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