How will mercury retrogade affect taurus?


The third phase of Mercury retrograde of this year 2019 begins just on October 31, also coinciding with the season of Scorpio. It’s a somewhat tough season overall for all signs. Everyone begins to feel like things don’t turn out just the way they wanted, like misunderstandings come out of nowhere, like the world is going against them. In addition, you have to be careful because it is a season in which it is convenient not to sign important contracts and not make risky decisions.

From now on, Taurus, you have to be very careful with everything you do, especially with a person from the past. During this time, many doors will open that you already closed in your past and it can be very dangerous. Try not to be tempted to let people who no longer deserve it back into your life. Mercury retrograde makes us weaker and more vulnerable and you can even say yes to someone from the past. Right now that neither suits you nor suits you, Taurus.

Likewise, your impatient vein will wake up and you will feel how stress and overwhelm begin to run through your entire body. Your calm demeanor will disappear for a few days to make way for your more stressful nature.

The following is not something typical for you, but during this time everything changes and you can screw up when you least expect it. You will become a very impulsive person who makes decisions without thinking and without taking into account what reason says. Mercury retrograde is totally incompatible with reason. These days, in addition, communication with the people around you, with the people you love, changes a lot.

You will feel like there is much more distance between you and that person that matters so much to you right now. But do not start blaming others and assume that you are also partly to blame. Do not go proud of life because that is something that Mercury also takes into account. Mercury retrograde is going to affect you the most in communication, so, Taurus, try to handle this situation as well as possible ... With calm and a lot of patience everything will work out, so trust.

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