How will mercury retrogade affect scorpio?


The third phase of Mercury retrograde of this year 2019 begins just on October 31, also coinciding with your season, Scorpio. It’s a somewhat tough season overall for all signs. Everyone begins to feel like things don’t turn out just the way they wanted, like misunderstandings come out of nowhere, like the world is going against them. In addition, you have to be careful because it is a season in which it is convenient not to sign important contracts and not make risky decisions.

During Mercury retrograde, even though everything is a bit chaotic, Scorpio, it will be good for you to reorganize yourself again. It’s the perfect time to put your feet on the ground and to realize how much you’ve been doing wrong lately. It is a moment of introspection and you may realize things that you will not like a hair. You will realize that you have had a position that has not been entirely correct. But what you should do, instead of being bitter about it, is to try to correct it, ask for forgiveness, swallow your pride and look towards that future that you have so much desire for it to come.

Your life during Mercury retrograde is a real roller coaster of emotions. Also, it coincides with your season and that will be crazy. There will be moments of maximum sensitivity and others of full energy and you will go from one to another in a matter of seconds. You will receive news that you will not like very much, Scorpio, and things will not turn out the way you wanted. But you have no choice but to take every curve that comes your way and trust that it will all end.

In spite of everything, Scorpio, the sun is right now in your sign and that will help you cope better. It will give you the good vibe you need to get through those bumps and out of the bad. Don’t let anything come between you and your happiness, Scorpio, and if that happens, fight it.

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