How will mercury retrogade affect pisces?


The third phase of Mercury retrograde of this year 2019 begins just on October 31, also coinciding with the season of Scorpio. It’s a somewhat tough season overall for all signs. Everyone begins to feel like things don’t turn out just the way they wanted, like misunderstandings come out of nowhere, like the world is going against them. In addition, you have to be careful because it is a season in which it is convenient not to sign important contracts and not make risky decisions.

For you, Pisces, Mercury retrograde forces you to analyze the world around you, but also, to analyze to the maximum each and every one of the relationships that exist right now in your life. Mercury will force you to put all the cards on the table and realize the reality that you have been blinded to lately. Thanks to him, you will open your eyes and you will realize how during this time ago certain people have been taking advantage of everything that you gave to the relationship. It is very likely, Pisces, that during this period the past returns to your present life, especially that a certain person from the past returns to the present.

You must be very careful, Pisces, because, although normally your intuition is always correct, during Mercury retrograde nothing is what it seems. Your intuition will be very misplaced and your intuitive abilities will fail more than ever. The best thing to do is not to act only on what your intuition tells you. If you do, you will surely end up making mistakes and regretting it.

Look, Pisces, during Mercury retrograde do not make risky decisions and thus you will save yourself a lot of troubles. Live the day to day, period. Because if not, in the end, those mistakes can make you angry with yourself and bring out your darkest character. But remember, that, although reality gets a bit cloudy, you always have your dreams to escape and it will be there where you will now find the solutions that you so much need.

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