How will mercury retrogade affect aries?


The third phase of Mercury retrograde of this year 2019 begins just on October 31, also coinciding with the Scorpio season, and ends on November 20. It’s a somewhat tough season overall for all signs. Everyone begins to feel like things don’t turn out just the way they wanted, like misunderstandings come out of nowhere, like the world is going against them. In addition, you have to be careful because it is a season in which it is convenient not to sign important contracts and not make risky decisions.

You, Aries, you love speed, you love going at your own pace and doing things as quickly as possible. Well, with Mercury retrograde things will not be like this. You will feel how everything begins to go slower than you imagine and how you cannot put your foot on the accelerator to go faster. What this will do is make your temper turn on much more than normal and everything else starts to go awry as well.

During this period you need much more patience than usual. Don’t pay with the untouched coin, Aries. With Mercury retrograde try not to use your strength to get what you want. Do better with patience.

It is important, Aries, that during this period of time you be very careful and that you watch in whom or in what you invest your time, your effort and your money. These days you are going to be, you can even feel like there is someone who takes advantage of you and everything you give to the world. Observe very well and do not be afraid to cut relationships that begin to take advantage of you or that you notice that you are giving more than the other person is giving you.

Mercury retrograde is going to make you think a lot about your friendships and your relationships in general. It will not be an easy time, but Aries, from here you are going to draw very important lessons, more than you think. So, even if there are times when you decide to send everything well away, hold on and, above all, be patient.

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