How will love go in july according to you sign?


Love is something that always worries us, something we always want to know about. This month of July, in general, is the perfect month to put aside all those situations that we cannot continue to control, situations that no longer suit us. It is a month of renewal in which you have to leave room for the good, for unconditional love. Keep reading to know what awaits you in love this July 2020:


Let’s see, Aries, during this month it is very possible that you put an end to a love situation that you have been dragging on for a long time. If you’ve been in a long relationship for a while where you feel like you don’t quite fit in for a long time, it’s time to sort out those priorities and see what’s going wrong. Don’t be afraid to finish something you’re not comfortable with, Aries. This month is the perfect time to have that conversation where you talk about what is happening to you and what you want to change from now on. If you are single, this month you will realize that, even if you try to repress your feelings, you really want to be with a person and it will be time to come to terms with reality.


The truth, Taurus, is that you are not a person who has trouble coping with loneliness. This month you are going to rethink many things, it is a month in which more to look within, in which you will have many moments of introspection. And now, you want to walk the road with yourself and with no one else. Well yes, with those people who are really always by your side, with those with whom you connect deeply. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you are going to ask yourself a lot of questions and you may feel like taking the next step. Taurus, there are times when it is better to let go than hold on, hold on and hold on to see if you find a solution. Even if you look inward, Taurus, keep your mind open. You may receive a very pleasant surprise.


This month you are going to start thinking about many things related to love. Your feelings come and go and before you continue taking steps without being sure, you are going to stop and rethink many things. You don’t want to hurt anyone, Gemini, and that’s the problem. Perhaps you have been in a relationship for too long because of the fear that when it ends, that person will suffer. But honestly, it’s time to look only for you. In the end, you will realize that the only person looking out for you is yourself. Gemini, not everyone is as nice as you. Despite all that, this July you will be more affectionate and much more receptive to love. It is time to get carried away, to meet people, not to close yourself to just one person. Above all, Gemini, do not be demanding because otherwise you will have many problems from now on letting someone enter your heart.


You’ve had a bit of a rough time in love lately, Cancer. It is not that they have made you suffer, that also a little, but that your mind did not stop turning to something. You have felt a little guilty about a certain situation and now you are trying to fix everything. We continue in your season until the 22nd, Cancer, so this month is a good time to re-create that intimacy with that person. But above all, this is going to be a very family month. Although you are going to have your moments with a certain person, above all you will want more than ever to spend time with yours. And it is that, with this confinement, you have been very far from your people and little by little, you will be able to get closer to yours. There is no doubt that love will be present, but in another way. The way you like the most ... Family.


You’ve been accumulating and keeping all your feelings for yourself for a long time, Leo. It is not healthy at all, you have to start realizing all of it. Not only may you be hurting someone, but you may also be hurting yourself. This month is the perfect time to make clear what is going on inside of you. Whether good or bad. Either to get that person out of your life or just to go one step further. You have to clarify yourself, for your sake, and not be afraid to tell it like it is. In the end you will appreciate it, you will see. It’s time to stop wasting time with someone you feel vibrates at the same time as you and nothing happens. On the 23rd your season begins and the energies change completely. From now on, you have to be super honest with yourself. Do not forget.


You are overwhelming yourself, Virgo , because you are not 100% sure of things. And when you feel that something does not work as it should, badly ... You have been accumulating certain feelings for a long time, certain things that you already want to come to light. The feelings of a certain person are not entirely clear and the truth, Virgo, you are getting tired. Look, you’re patient, but you can’t give someone all the time in the world just because they feel like it. This month you will almost be forced to ask someone for explanations. You are not going to waste your time simply because someone does not let you walk. Love has never been easy for you ... By the end of the month, you will realize that self-love is the best love you can have. It is clear that you are not going to say no to any opportunity,


Your head right now is a real mess of thoughts. And it is because, because of a certain person, you are even beginning to doubt yourself, your feelings, your decisions. And that, Libra, is the worst thing that can happen to you. Just like you took the first step, Libra, don’t be afraid to take the last step now. You do not deserve to be bad for anyone and much less for a person who is not knowing how to value what is on top of him. It’s going to cost, Libra, but this month you will have to make a certain decision. You will have to go your way alone, but honestly, you prefer it rather than continue in bad company. As much as you try to understand someone, if that person does not do their part, you are not going to achieve it. So, Libra, passing. It’s time to stop getting involved with people who don’t do their part. You’re sorry, but that’s the way it is.


During this month, you may look back in a somewhat melancholic and nostalgic way. Nothing happens, Scorpio, there are times when remembering the past is good to know what you really want in the present and what you are not going to let happen again. But don’t stay in the past forever. You can’t change it, so turn the page. This month you will realize that it is better to let go than to force things that are not meant to work. You will be the support for a person who is very important to you. Your partner, if you have, will need your help more than normal and that can be a challenge for you. There is no doubt that you will know how to measure up, but do not relax. The most important love for you this month is the love of your family, of yours. Therefore, Scorpio, as soon as you can, organize a plan to be with yours.


From now on your chip is going to change in many aspects, but especially in love. During these past months, it is true that you have had a somewhat rebellious attitude. The type “if he doesn’t talk to me, I’ll pass” and things like that. But it’s time to put an end to all that… This month everything changes for the better. Now you are not afraid to be the one who takes the first step, to swallow your pride and get closer to someone. You know you owe someone a pardon and you are going to give it to them because you know you have to if you want things to work out. Pride is a month, you will leave it to others because you know that it does not suit you. This month you will accept that part of the fault was yours. If you care about someone, you will not hesitate to come closer, to be the one who starts the conversation, to be the one to propose a plan to see them. But beware, Sagittarius,


Now you need a lot of time for yourself, Capricorn. And although you are not going to say no to love, it is true that you prefer to spend time with yourself before with anyone else. Not for nothing, but because you have a lot on your hands and in the end you know that no one is going to understand you better than you do it yourself. This month don’t be afraid to say no, as long as you make things clear first. Be honest and if you don’t feel like being with someone, tell them. Always explaining why so as not to hurt anyone. You need time to think about what you want in your life right now. You need solitude to be able to see things much clearer. Because you know that if love enters your life now, it is very likely to destabilize you and make you go out of your way. This month it’s time to look out for yourself before others.


This month you are going to start seeing things about a certain person that you are not going to like at all. Your intuition has been telling you for a long time not to trust anyone and you walked with lead feet because of what could happen. And now, everything that your intuition suspected is beginning to come true. But, Aquarius, nothing happens, because you are going to be much stronger than all that. You don’t mind being alone and now you know that maybe it’s for the best. If you prefer to be alone rather than in bad company, now much more. And that person is not who he claimed to be, Aquarius, and it will make you doubt a lot. This month the only thing you want is to get away from those fake people and focus on who really gives you reason to trust. I’m sorry, but if they want to be by your side, they will have to earn it, Aquarius. You’ve gotten tired of trusting people who are more fake than a three bill.


This month you have to put aside expectations, dreams and prejudices. Pisces, now more than ever, you must hold on to reality. It will help you realize who you want to keep in your life and who you don’t. This month you may look back a little bit and find yourself trapped in a certain relationship that has already ended but is having a hard time getting over it. Pisces, you cannot be in two places at the same time, you cannot continue to be in two relationships at the same time. You know that you must rearrange your priorities and be clear with yourself and then with others. It may be helpful to have time alone to clear your head. Once you are clear about what you want, don’t be afraid to speak up. This month you have to clarify many things and the sooner you do it, the better.

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