How virgo reacts when they understand that their relationship is over?


Ending a relationship is not easy for anyone, especially when you have fought for it. But everyone, even the most insistent person in the world, has a limit. Each of the zodiac signs have a way of understanding that their relationship has come to an end. This way is that of Virgo:

Virgo understands that their relationship is over when their partner refuses to listen to them. Virgo is a person who takes a long time to open up to others, even his partner. He is a person that hardly anyone knows at all because he takes his time so that you can do it for real. They are people who know how to motivate others, and bring out their best side, their best side from their partner. Perhaps many times because they would love that their partner could also get the same from them.

Virgo does not have a hard time offering advice and support, but he also needs his partner not to completely ignore him and go through absolutely everything. Because in the end, you have to feel that both are walking towards the same side, with similar interests, with similar goals. If Virgo tries to improve as a person every day, he also needs the same from the other party. If you try hard to do it but can’t find it, you may decide to retire for a while. You don’t want to be dragged to the bottom. That is very clear to him. And if your partner does not listen, there is nothing to do.

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