How to Recognize a Scorpio?


Scorpio people can go unnoticed when they want to. They like mystery and are not scandalous people or tell everything they know. Never. The gaze of a Scorpio betrays its sign. It will always be deep and penetrating and will seem to pierce your soul. It will. That look can make people nervous and perhaps even make them uncomfortable and the scorpion knows it well, but he likes it.

They have a very big ego, they know it, so what others say gives them exactly the same, whether insults or flattery. Scorpio knows what it is and what it is worth and also knows what it is not, so no one will change their opinion, even if they try. He does not look for anyone to teach him what his vices and virtues are because he knows them well.

You will recognize Scorpio because if you ask him for his opinion he will tell you what he thinks even if it sounds cruel and hurts you, so if you are sensitive, you better not do it. You ask and he will only answer.

They are passionate people, excessively. Sometimes, they throw themselves downhill and without brakes even knowing that they have a 99% chance of crashing, for them knowing that there is a percentage of 1% in winning is enough to do so.

Scorpio is vindictive, if you hurt him do not doubt that sooner or later he will return it to you, also with a surcharge included. He never forgets an offense. They are people who will show deep love and loyalty to trusted people and are able to kill for whoever they want, literally.

Being a Scorpio will not be easy but it will be worth it because…

• He would kill for his own and for defending his blood, his family comes first, his friends enter into it, he is overprotective to the maximum.

• He knows how to convince and persuade like no one else, he is very insightful and cunning.

• He manages to always get everything he wants.

• You are always alert so it is difficult to be deceived or manipulated.

• He has a lot of initiative for everything, he always comes up with very good ideas and walks towards his goals.

• Love madly, sometimes, until you lose your mind, it is intense fire.

• Intuition is one of your most powerful weapons, you know what’s going on, you sense it.

• It is calm and peaceful, almost never beginning any confrontation or discussion.

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