How to Recognize a Leo?


It’s easy to recognize Leo. Very easy. When you meet someone with a charm above normal, with a gift of people, with thousands of friends, and who leads half the world, yes, it is most likely Leo. Leo knows that he is superior, he is clear about it, but he does not use it against others, as long as they do not try to take away his “kingdom”. There are hardly any introverted lions, on the contrary, you will always find him talking to someone, negotiating or plotting new plans, but quiet and still, never. He knows what he is worth and he also knows that he has not come to this world to be one more. He loves conquest almost like Aries, but he knows how to reach the top better than the ram.

When you are with a Leo nearby you will notice his magnetism, his power, you will know who he is deep down, the one who rules there. And no, it’s not you. It’s Leo. His vanity sometimes makes him speak with a certain air of superiority but it is his nature, to rule the rest. They are usually envied by many but also very loved by others.

Leo can’t stand orders, like a good fire sign that he is, and if he considers something to be his by right, you better not try to snatch it away. Over time they may become softer but the lion’s pride will make it never bow its head for anything. He will always stay up, on top, regardless of who weighs him.

Why is Leo a good sign?

He has a special gift for directing, is a good leader, and knows how to order perfectly.

He is very energetic and does not stop doing new things.

He stands out for being a good friend of his friends, he is always surrounded by people. He is very sociable.

He is faithful and loyal, he has values and codes that no one would be able to break.

He is generous to those who behave well with him, able to give everything.

Live intensely and enjoy each moment as if it were your last.

He is a good lover, fiery, passionate, and ardent.

Everything he does, he does with passion.

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