How to Recognize a Gemini?


Recognizing a Gemini is easy, starting because you will always see him distracted. He may be talking to you but  90% of the time his mind is thinking twenty more things to do or finish. They are active and nervous people, and they get too impatient with very calm and calm people. They are pure nerve. Mental and physical.

Their movements are very fast, they are curious and they like to learn about everything. Once they obtain the information that their mind asks of them, they go off to do something else. Something very typical in them is the ability to mount and dismantle situations at will, they know how to persuade extremely well, and the best thing is that you will be happy with what they tell you.

They are agile and skillful to escape from anything, to convince about what is right and wrong, although sometimes, she/he himself does not believe what he is saying. Gemini can be here today and tomorrow disappear and be somewhere else. They hate monotony that is why they are always changing, apart from the fact that they are very unstable and prefer to try to stagnate in something.

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The routine will make you feel caged, and Geminis want to fly, know, soak up everything the world can give you.

It can be hurtful, and a lot, he instinctively knows the weak points of others and his ease of speech coupled with his viperine tongue will be enough to get what he wants. He is capable of changing the strongest opinion of anyone, he has a gift for knowing how to say what they want to hear in a natural and convincing way.

Being a Gemini is not entirely easy but it is worth it because ...

• He is very quick to listen and understand the other, you will know that he not only hears you but that he understands you.

• He’s smart and you can talk about any topic, he gets it all.

• He loves to be with people, he is extremely sociable and does not miss any meetings or parties.

• You are outgoing and open to meeting new people and things.

• He knows how to persuade and convince like no one else, he has a gift with words.

• Learn everything that interests you very easily.

• He loves to travel so if you need a travel companion, Gemini will be there to go with you.

• He is nervous but he will hardly ever start any confrontation or discussion, he will defend himself, of course, he will, but look for fights… No, thank you.

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