How to Recognize a Capricorn?


To recognize a Capricorn you have to be patient. Understanding the character of the goat is anything but easy. People born under this sign are constant, tenacious, and always looking to improve. Capricorn has a winning spirit and inevitably for others, wins, and it’s good to know when you meet one of them. It may seem harmless and fragile on many occasions but it is hard as a rock and has a lot of endurance. Very few are those who can knock him down, their pride can with the little weakness they can show, that’s why they always get up.

They deeply admire those who have worked hard and managed to achieve what they have set out to do. The goat takes the opportunities when they arrive, never lets them pass, so sometimes he is wrong but prefers to make mistakes to stay with the doubt about what could have been.

If you know someone very extreme, or black or white, or all or nothing, someone rigorous and who hates being late to the sites, it’s probably Capricorn.

Sometimes, they can become stingy but not so radically. Of course, they share, and more with the people they want, but it is true that economic stability gives them a lot of security and is something necessary in their lives. They think more about money and what they would do with it than other signs.

Ambition is another thing that characterizes them. They do not conform, of course not. For them, the world is never enough.

Why is Capricorn a good sign?

He is tenacious and persistent in everything he wants to achieve, he has his rhythm but never stops.

He is a careful and perfectionist, taking care of any small detail.

He seeks stability and security above all else, hates haste or pressure, wants peace of mind.

He pulls out supernatural willpower when he wants.

It is endowed with strength and endurance, although it sinks it has a lot of endurance not to reach the bottom.

It always manages to position itself among the top positions of everything that is proposed.

He is serious, rational, and thoughtful, he does not get carried away if he knows that he is going headlong to the precipice.

He knows how to wait if he knows it will come even if sometimes, it costs him too much.

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